2nd Generation Twin Lift STS Spreader

Latest Technological Innovations

Image Analysis

Container number capture technology plus corner casting recognition for auto-landing.

Low Spreader Height

Assisting spreader landing and reduces container handling time.

SingFlex Tandem Headblock

Tandem & Automated Terminal Ready

Matching the high performance needed for traditional, automated and tandem lift operation terminals

Greater Gathering Force

Short flipper profile plus high toque actuators for increased gathering guidance.

Your Benefits

Less Maintenance 

With the spreader built with fewer components, maintenance will be quick and easy. 

Less Downtime 

With fewer components, this avoids any unnecessary downtime.

Improved Performance

With a lighter weight, increased flipper distance, and a new telescopic design, the 6900 will improve your container handling. 

Improved Energy Demand

With energy-efficient components and reduced weight, the spreader has an improved eco-efficiency.

One of our experts will go through the details of the RAM6900 and discuss how it could transform your container handling operations.

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