RAM 4121 MHC Revolver


RAM 4121 Revolver is designed to handle single 20ft ISO open top containers or other specialised containers for handling bulk materials (subject to container model). The RAM 4121 for mobile harbour crane operations is a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly solution to handle bulk materials.

The award-winning 4121 Revolver for handling bulk materials on a mobile harbour crane is manufactured from high-quality steel and components. The rotating spreader's heavy duty design has a safe weight lifting of 44 tonnes per cycle. This CBH system ensures an efficient and reliable performance in a demanding container/bulk terminal environments.

The Revolver's large gather guides enable a large landing platform for quick and easy landing on the container. Moreover, the gather guides will support the container during rotation to prevent shear load on the twistlocks.

The rotating spreader is equipped with floating twistlocks which allows a certain amount of both lateral and longitude movement, as opposed to fixed twistlocks which are common for jamming.

Once the container is hoisted over the hatch, the Revolver removes the sealed lid in a semi-automatic process, and rotates the container 360 degrees unloading the commodity. The lid is then replaced back on the container and the cycle continues.

The benefits to this containerised bulk handling system are endless...


  Item Description
Twistlock Rotation 1.5 seconds
Container Rotation 360 degrees
Container Sizes  Handled 20ft  (subject to model)
Lifting Capacity 44t SWL
Commodities Handled Copper Concentrate, Iron Ore, Scrap Metals, Soya, Mineral sands, Grains, Wood Pellets/Chips, Coal & Pet Coke, Bagged Materials, Zinc, etc.


Clean & Green 

No dust is generated or exposed to the environment as containers are sealed shut. When unloading, the rotating spreader removes the lid semi-autonomously and then gently rotates at the bottom of the hatch.

Product Protection

As containers are sealed shut until unloading, the system prevents loss of commodity or product quality being degraded (SAVING BIG).


Over the years, RAM has shown how the Revolver can smoothly integrate into any port or logistics type at low costs. That being Pit to Ship, Shed to Ship, Ship to Hopper, etc.

Fast Contingency

The bulk handling system has the ability to stock pile the commodity for the arrival of the ship.



Further Info

All RAM spreaders are manufactured at our purpose built production facility in accordance with ISO 9001:2008:2008, ISO 14001;2004 and DIN 18800-7 welding standard.

Fully Tested
All spreaders are fully load tested, function tested and are delivered together with operation and maintenance manuals and associated certification.

All RAM Spreader products are supplied with full equipment warranty.