RAM hear of Transnet Port Terminals commitment to its sustainability agenda with CBH

RAM are delighted to hear that following the introduction of Containerised Bulk Handling at Port Elizabeth Container Terminal (PECT) in South Africa, Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) placed a repeat order with RAM of 4 units of the RAM Revolver bulk handling spreader.

TPT handles large volumes of bulk exports annually at its Port Elizabeth Container Terminal and recently employed containerised bulk handling.  The terminal invested in 4 units of RAM Revolver, to help them service their base of customers better.

Click here to read more out about Transnet Port Terminals flexible approach and clever use of capital and how RAM and Transnet Port Terminals are also helping to support the local community and subsidise teachers and provide funding to help the local school.

Industry publication reports on APM Terminals Poti efficient rotating spreader

By: GREENPORT | 14th Nov 2018

Efficient Spreader Reduces Eco-Impact

Industry publication GREENPORT published online on hearing that APM Terminals in Poti, Georgia has recently commissioned a new revolving spreader to load copper concentrate into bulk vessels, helping to improve efficiency and minimising environmental impact during bulk cargo loading operations.

The news item reveals that APMT Terminals Poti, took delivery of a RAM Revolver for their MHC Crane Containerised Bulk Handling operation, which was a decision based on addressing the needs of their customers, enabling both sides to become more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Getting the right equipment for biomass handling

By: Dry Cargo International’s Louise Dodds-Ely

Biomass cargoes need special handling…

The transition from traditional energy sources, such as fossil fuel to renewable resources, opens up interesting opportunities for ports, which are finding creative and effective ways to transport, store and load reneable bulk materials.

This article published by Dry Cargo International explains the growing trend in using reneable energy sources, and the way in which one particular port expanded their biomass export logistics, to a more efficient and environmentally friendly operation called ‘Containerised Bulk Handling’.

Click here to read the the extract from DCi’s October 2018 edition.

Containerised Bulk Handling Reaching New Markets

Port Strategy publication reports in their March 2018 edition on the Containerised Bulk Handling reaching new markets.

The article reveals that the CBH system is giving ports a fresh lease of life with more ports today embracing the system and is currently operating in Australia, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Latvia; all mineral rich countries.

Whilst some ports and terminals are wary of trying out a new approach, Ausenco Vice President of Ausenco points out “in my experience, I have found that some client’s apprehension about ‘trying something new‘ is s result of focusing soley on the new equipment and an uncertainty in how th impliement this concept for their application.  When presented with the bigger picture – the development of an integrated logistics solution that is optimised for geography, existing infrastructure and specific commodity – they are more open to this approach”.

Find out more by clicking here to view the full article published by Port Strategy.

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Riga Universal Terminal increases performance with CBH

RAM in the news Riga increases performance with cbh

Dry Cargo International reports in February 2018 on Riga Universal Terminal’s increase in performance using the Containerised Bulk Handling solution with the RAM Revolver®

Back in November 2017 we revealed DCi’s article on Riga Universal Terminals Ltd (RUT)  becoming the first port in Europe to introduce the Containerised Bulk Handling system for the movement of wood pellets on large dry bulk ships.

Since then, a new report by DCi in February 2018 shows that RUT have optimized the terminals expenses and increased their performance since the bulk handling technology was introduced.

Antis Šulte, RUT Trade and Business Development Director said to Dry Cargo International “By introducing the containerised cargo handling we have become more competative and can better adjust to customer requirements“. Following the general tendancy in cargo carriage, dry bulk ships handled at our terminal are becoming even larger.  By Means of a new technology, we are able to ensure fast and effective loading of these large ships”.

By applying the new technology Antis Šulte further added “We are able to load dry bulk and containers at the same pier, using one portal-frame lift.  It allows it to quickly organize its work at the terminalk and quickly handle any type of ship”.

Click here to view the full article from DCi.


PortalPortuario reports on Puerto Angamos transferring a record 2 million tons of bulk with CBH

RAM in the news PortalPortuario

PortalPortuario reports on Puerto Angamos in Chile transferring a record 2 million tons of bulk since using the Containerised Bulk Handling System with the RAM Revolver®

Back in May 2017 we reported on Puerto Angamos producing a video showing their containerised bulk handling operation using 3 mobile harbour cranes, each with a RAM Revolver® rotating spreader.  Puerto Angamos is making more news again in January 2018 with PortalPortuario reporting on the port achieving an operating record of 2 million tons of bulk which includes copper concentrate since using the Containerised Bulk Handling process.

This is another milestone achievement for the port as during October of 2017, Puerto Angamos achieved an operational record, transferring 126,000 tons of copper concentrate in one month.

Click the following links below to read the full article from PortalPortuario in translated English language and the original news article in Spanish.



World Port Development Reports on Riga Universal Terminals increased biomass productivity

RAM in the WPD Riga Article
World Port Development reported in their December 2017 edition on Riga Universal Terminals increase in biomass productivity since the introduction of the Containerised Bulk Handling system which uses the rotating spreader RAM Revolver®

The article reports on Riga Universal Terminals ability to quadruple their biomass productivity which has been fueled by the recent demands for renewable energy sources.

The CBH system which involves the use of open top container and rotating spreader which utilises existing port equipment to export biomass, or any other bulk commodity for that matter.  In Riga Universal Terminals’ case, they used their existing Liebherr MHC cranes and projected a 30 cycles per hour being possible with skilled operators.

The article by Word Port Developement goes on to reveal that RUT did a comparison with the work of a small handler with that of the RAM Revolver® and showed that the RAM Revolver out-performed the small handler by 4-1 as the small handler managed 200tph whilst the RAM Revolver® achieved 800tph.

You can read the full article by World Port Developement by clicking here.

If you require any further information on the Containerised Bulk Handling System, please see our list of case studies, videos and product brochure on our Media page.  You can also look through some of current and archive news items regarding the Containerised Bulk Handling System which you can find on our News page.

Bolivia President delivers speech on Port of Quijarro exporting urea using Containerised Bulk Handling

RAM Spreaders News Bolivia President delivers speech
Bolivia President delivers a hearfelt speech at the start of Port of Quijarro exporting urea to Brazil.

In a heartfelt speech, Bolivia President Evo Morales spoke at the Port of Quijarro’s historic launch of exporting urea and fertilizer to Brazil.  Bolivia have for some twenty years exported natural gas into Brazil, but now with the emergence of Containerised Bulk Handling, Bolivia is now able to export processed gas in the form of fertilizers and urea to Brazil.

This not only allows Bolivia to export processed gas in the form of fertilizer to Brazil but also avoid the need for small to large producers to import ferilizer from other countries.

The way in which the port is able to export fertilizer is following the introduction of the Containerised Bulk Handling system which uses the RAM Revolver®.  The innovative and environmentally friendly bulk handling solution uses sealed containers as a means of transport, storage and discharge.  The RAM Revolver® attached to a reach stacker at the port of Quijarro is used to pick up the container, it then automatically removes the lid of the container before the commodity is rotated, gently tipping out the urea into hoppers at the export facility.

Speaking at the Port, President Morales said “This is a historic day for us, we’re selling processed gas in the form of fertilizer or urea“.

The President went on to say “It is wonderful that we have started exporting LPG and fertilizers“.

Click the main image above to see the President of Bolivia speech.

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