Newsletter – September 2019

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Dear Friends, welcome back to RAM Spreaders News.

Since our last newsletter, it has been a busy time at RAM.  Our team has been working on a number of new product innovations, which we will share with you in this newsletter.

Home Port Singapore
Our company’s headquarters have been based in Singapore since 1992. The Port facilities are not far from our offices. For a long time, the Port of Singapore has ranked among the world’s largest ports, and we at RAM have been very proud to be a part of the Port’s growth.

The partnership between RAM and the Port of Singapore has helped to bring about a creative approach to container handling.

For many years the RAM team has focused on the support and growth of our relationship with the PSA, and we are very proud to have received another order this month for the newest PSA container terminal.

The Tuas Terminal will be one of the most advanced terminals in the world, and the SISU team has been working on several new container handling products that will feature technologies incorporated into our spreader’s.

New Products
RAM are pleased to launch two new products, one for pipe handling and the other, for automated twistlock handling, the RAM PinSmart II machine.

These new products have been developed in collaboration with our industry partners. RAM has worked closely with ports around the world to solve problems, inspired by the attention on a new era of safety for dock workers.

Confidence Raised
As part of the RAM-SMAG Group’s manufacturing capabilities, RAM’s innovative solutions have raised confidence in our products for marine terminals around the world. More than 1,500 attachments are produced per year from our facilities in China, India and Germany.

Come and See Us
Don’t worry, if you didn’t catch us at TOC Europe as we will be at the following events over the next few months:

October 22/24  | 3rd Baltic Sea Ports & Shipping | Poland
October 29/31 | TOC Americas | Cartagena
November 26/28
| 20th Intermodal Africa | Ghana

Click on the PDF icon at the top of this posting for a roundup of our top news, which include:

Customer News – South Africa | Black Sea Region
Spreader Components Explained – RAM ShockAborb Impact Suppression System
The Drive for Automation – The Future in Twistlock Handling
Case Study  – The Challenges of Pipe Handling and Solution from RAM
Internal Activities – Customer Visit RAM Manufacturing Facility | Component Endurance Testing

Newsletter – September 2018

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Dear Friends, welcome you back to RAM Spreaders News.

It has been a busy period at RAM since our last newsletter.  We’ve been working on a number of key new innovations and developments to help increase our customer’s productivity and efficiency, which will further strengthen our geographical footprint.

Let’s become more energy efficient
Being energy efficient is a hot topic of discussion in our industry at the moment.  Ports and Terminals are increasingly under pressure by various environmental guidelines to improve air quality around ports and terminals and reduce the amount of energy consumed.

At RAM we are driven to provide you with the best possible solutions to not only save energy but also boost productivity.

Our RAM SingFlex Tandem40 Headblock system designed for single hoist cranes is becoming very popular with more ports and terminals adopting the tandem spreader system.  RAM SingFlex has also been identified as the best tandem system available by SIPG when comparing it to other tandem systems available.

A recent study shows that on average a port or terminal can save up to 15% energy when using RAM SingFlex™, compared to a single spreader operation.  That equates to savings of up to €400,000 for a 1 million TEU terminal per year.

I am also pleased to report that our customers using SingFlex are seeing an increase in productivity, by moving more containers per lift cycle. In the long term this will help reduce the crane operational and maintenance costs per TEU.

The industry is now clearly moving towards higher TEU ratios and ‘tandem 40’ is quickly becoming a normal method of moving containers on a single hoist crane.  Keeping with this theme, we have produced an article in this newsletter that reveals some interesting facts about using tandem over single spreader operations, and compares the energy saving benefits when using RAM SingFlex™.

Group meeting “Grabs & Spreaders”
Our Group Holding Company, SMAG, recently hosted an Agents meeting at their headquarters in Salzgitter Germany.  It brought together Agents from both RAM and SMAG to combine their areas of sales expertise, and help provide an even stronger global presence of our group of companies.

The new combined group sales strategy provides our customers with an even wider range of products available that now includes various types of bulk handling grabs.  The collaboration ensure even higher levels of service and support are now achieved and firmly establishes our group as the world’s leading lifting accessories supplier between crane and load.

Seeing us in person
If you attended TOC Europe in Rotterdam this year, you would have without doubt noticed our coffee stand at the entrance hall.  The team served around 1600 cups of quality coffee over two days.  I would like to thank all who helped, and to all who visited the coffee stand to enjoy a coffee and a chat.

Don’t worry, if you didn’t catch us at TOC Europe as we will be at the following events over the next few months:

September 25/27 | 2nd Baltic Sea Ports & Shipping | Latvia
November 13/15 | TOC Americas | Panama
November 27/29 | 20th Intermodal Africa | Ghana

Click on the PDF icon at the top of this posting for a roundup of our top news, which include:

Customer News – Americas | Black Sea Region | Africa & Middle East
Spreader Components Explained – Twistlocks
The Importance of Genuine Spare Parts
Case Study – Tandem Lifting Boosting Productivity & Reducing Energy Consumption
Internal Activities – Grab Meeting | Customer Training | Group Exhibition
And Finally – RAM 2420 Model celebrating 21 years in service


Newsletter (February 2018)

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Dear Friends, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you back to RAM Spreaders News.

Things have been hectic since the last edition.  We deepened our relationship with key accounts, expanded out geographical footprint, scored an award and are in the process of working on new product launches.

Delivering Value to Customers
It is always heartening to hear how our systems solve business challenges and increase productivity for our customers. Hence, you can imagine our excitement when we hear about the excellent feedback Transnet Port Terminals received from their customers following their introduction of the Containerised Bulk Handling system, using our RAM Revolver rotating spreader and broke loading rate records for the port.

Another customer in Latvia, Riga Universal Terminals, also saw an improvement in their biomass productivity with the implementation of the RAM Revolver Containerised Bulk Handling System. Being the very first RAM Revolver operating in Europe, this achievement is especially significant. See article on page 8 of our PDF newsletter.

Bolstering Our Market Presence
As a result of China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative, Russia and the CIS markets are seeing unprecedented growth. In order to leverage the opportunities presented by the growing CIS region, in particular Black and Caspian Sea, we have added a new member – Evgenii Kudriavtcev – to our team. Based in Russia, Evgenii is tasked to grow our presence in the CIS region with the full range of RAM-SMAG range of spreaders and bulk handling equipment.

Winning a Business Accolade
Just months after we bagged the International Bulk Journal Innovative Technology Award, we received another prestigious award at the recent SME100 Awards. RAM was awarded the SME100 Award for Fast Moving Companies in Singapore. This is a proud achievement that belonged to everyone. It would have been impossible without the support of our staff, partners and customers.

New Developments
As a forward looking company, we continue to keep a close watch on market trends in the container handling and bulk handling industry, exploring relevant opportunities. I am glad to share that our research and development efforts have been fruitful, and in the coming months, we will be launching new products, which will provide customers with an even bigger choice of machines to suit their needs. In particular, you can look forward to next generation PinSmart™ Automated Twistlock Handling.

This is an exciting time for us as a company. We are achieving many great breakthroughs. But we are mindful that these are only possible with continued help and support from you – our customers and friends. Thank you and we look forward to another great year with you in 2018.

Click on the PDF icon at the top of this posting for a roundup of our top news, which include:

New Product Launch
SME100 Award
Customer News
How To Video
Special Feature: SMAG STS Grab
Special Feature: RUT Biomass Export
In Profile: Babuchandran Balakrishnan


Newsletter (February 2017)

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Inclinometer settings for the RAM SingFlex Twin Spreader Headblock

Following popular demand, we have added a new “How To” video to our collection of useful step-by-step guides.

The new video, which is our third in the series of “How To” videos produced, goes through the step-by-step process of setting the inclinometer on the RAM SingFlex Twin Spreader Headblock connection.

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Newsletter (February 2017)

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Welcome to the third instalment of our newsletter which allows us to share our news and innovations with our customers and friends.

Since our last newsletter in September 2016, we have achieved many successes in the last quarter of 2016.

As a result of an independent report, we saw ports and terminals leaning towards the benefits of using single hoist cranes for multiple container lifts. The report produced for a port in Asia conducted a cost and operational analysis between single hoist and dual hoist cranes for multiple container lifting and compared headblock connections from three different spreader equipment manufacturers.The report recommended for ports to consider using single hoist cranes. More significantly, the RAM SingFlex headblock connection was identified to rank first in a number of test parameters.

Click here to view the full independent report

We also saw in November 2016 how our dedication in providing innovative solutions helped RAM and MMG Las Bambas Peru win the International Bulk Journal Innovative Technology Award 2016. The IBJ Awards celebrate excellence in the bulk handling industry. And the achievement of this award recognised not just our hard work, strength and dedication, but also our ability to work with our customer – MMG Las Bambas – in developing the world’s first Bi-Modal Containerised Bulk Handling solution.

We obtained new welding certification in line with international and European standards following the changes in the DIN 18800 certification and its replacement by new welding standards. We also began a new Leadership Quality Programme to further enhance the quality and productivity at our manufacturing facility.

Please click here for full roundup of our top news, details of the award win and other developments during the last quarter of 2016.

Newsletter (February 2017) – RAM & MMG Win IBJ Innovative Technology Award 2016

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We are pleased to announce that RAM Spreaders and MMG Las Bambas won the International Bulk Journal Innovative Technology Award 2016.

The awards ceremony held at the iconic Tower of London UK was hosted by IBJ and took place on the evening of 21 November 2016.

Among the awards which recognised excellence in the bulk handling industry, RAM Spreaders together with MMG Las Bambas Peru were shortlisted by the IBJ panel of judges for the innovative Bi-Modal Containerised Bulk Handling solution.

The judges were impressed with how RAM and MMG worked together to come up with the world’s first Bi-modal bulk handling solution, which allows MMG to export copper concentrate from the remote mine in Peru in sealed containers by road, then rail prior to arriving at its final destination at the port of Matarani – situated 710km away.

The innovative solution allows the commodity to be directly loaded into sealed containers and opened only when it is tipped into hoppers at the final port destination with the help of the RAM Revolver®.

Central to this solution is the use of sealed containers as a method of transport and storage, thereby reducing dust generation while protecting the commodity from contamination.

In addition, the reduction of commodity transfer points and exposure to the environment not only speeds up the transportation process and reduces commodity loss during the process, but is also environmentally friendly.

The containers arrive by rail into the rail transfer building at the port. There, the two RAM Revolvers that are fitted to bridge cranes will lift and move the container over to the hopper before lifting the lid, rotating the container and tipping the commodity into hoppers to be ready for the ἀnal export process to the ships hold.

Reflecting on the Award, Philip Lee, CEO of RAM Spreaders commented “This is a fantastic achievement for both RAM and MMG Las Bambas. It more than recognises the hard work and dedication of all involved to demonstrate that we can make a real difference and do our part in developing ways to export cleanly and efficiently”

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Click the video icon to see RAM & MMG’s bulk handling solution in operation.

Newsletter (February 2017) Life & Health

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Bali and Jeju Islands

The RSLT Group’s year-end company trips were among the most highly anticipated events by the staff. The trips were organised in recognition of the Group’s success and achievements in 2016. While the RSLT staff enjoyed an idyllic island trip to Bali, RSC staff had a memorable holiday at the Jeju Island.

An Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs, Bali Island provided RSLT staff an opportunity to savour the breathtaking views of Tanah Lot as well as be charmed by traditional dances and the gorgeous sunset at Jimbaran beach.

Meanwhile, the RSC staff were spellbound by the natural beauty of Jeju Island which is characterised by lava caves, sandy beaches and spectacular craters. Particularly, the grand Halla Mountain located at the centre of the 1,800 square metre island left the staff awestruck.

Newsletter (February 2017) Production

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Walking Towards Better Quality

In an effort to further strengthen the quality of products manufactured at RAM SMAG Engineering (Changshu) Co., Ltd (RSC), the Company introduced the “Leadership Quality Walk” programme.

This programme engages all mid-level managers and supervisors to gather at the shop foor for a walk around the facility. The walk-around initiative will allow the respective managers and supervisors to gain a better understanding of interrelated processes and operations in other departments.

Notably, apart from inspecting the quality of work produced at each station, managers’ attention will also be drawn to details, including 5S, cleanliness, organisation and handling of work pieces.

In-depth and lively discussions are encouraged to recommend ways to help enhance the current work quality and productivity.

“The objective of ‘Leadership Quality Walk’ is to raise awareness of managers and supervisors concerning quality, as well as to instil in them the importance of taking ownership in quality. To achieve quality products, we need to start from the beginning, and to pay attention to every detail during each process and operation.” Htay Aung, Chief Operating Officer – RSC