Award for Safety in Bulk Handling 

The independent panel of judges shortlisted RAM Spreaders for two awards, Safety in Bulk Handling.


The Containerised Bulk Handling system (CBH) has ZERO dust!

The CBH Process:

  • Bulk materials are sealed in a container with a lid.
  • Transported and stored in the container.
  • The RAM Revolver lifts the container, lowers it into the hatch, and lifts the lid.
  • Revolver triggers a dust suppression system to produce a cloud of fog over the hatch and then rotates the container 360 degrees, gently tipping it into the bottom of the hatch.
mist suppression system for reducing dust when unloading bulk materials

The CBH system has gained huge popularity in many locations as it provides a zero-dust environment for workers at the port and in the local community. RAM is proud to be associated with a real technology that is making people’s lives safer and better.

Green for the environment and bank balance

Traditional bulk handling systems have between 2 to 4% losses across the supply chain. That is money blowing in the wind.

Using sealed open-top containers and reduced transfer points, CBH makes financial sense with low-set-up cost, reducing commodity losses and protecting the commodity and environment from contamination.

One of RAM’s customers, who was exporting 500 kt/a of copper concentrate per annum with a value of USD 1,800.00 per ton, was losing 2% of the commodity using traditional bulk handling methods. This equated to losses of around 18 million USD pa.

By in CBH, RAM’s customer investing as able to significantly reduce their financial losses, and reduce environmental impact.

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RAM Spreaders win IBJ award for safety