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Dear Friends, welcome back to RAM Spreaders News.

Since our last newsletter, it has been a busy time at RAM.  Our team has been working on a number of new product innovations, which we will share with you in this newsletter.

Home Port Singapore
Our company’s headquarters have been based in Singapore since 1992. The Port facilities are not far from our offices. For a long time, the Port of Singapore has ranked among the world’s largest ports, and we at RAM have been very proud to be a part of the Port’s growth.

The partnership between RAM and the Port of Singapore has helped to bring about a creative approach to container handling.

For many years the RAM team has focused on the support and growth of our relationship with the PSA, and we are very proud to have received another order this month for the newest PSA container terminal.

The Tuas Terminal will be one of the most advanced terminals in the world, and the SISU team has been working on several new container handling products that will feature technologies incorporated into our spreader’s.

New Products
RAM are pleased to launch two new products, our telescopic pipe handling spreader and the other, for automated twistlock handling, the RAM PinSmart II machine.

These new products have been developed in collaboration with our industry partners. RAM has worked closely with ports around the world to solve problems, inspired by the attention to a new era of safety for dock workers.

Confidence Raised
As part of the RAM-SMAG Group’s manufacturing capabilities, RAM’s innovative solutions have raised confidence in our products for marine terminals around the world. More than 1,500 attachments are produced per year from our facilities in China, India and Germany.

Come and See Us
Don’t worry, if you didn’t catch us at TOC Europe as we will be at the following events over the next few months:

October 22/24  | 3rd Baltic Sea Ports & Shipping | Poland
October 29/31 | TOC Americas | Cartagena
November 26/28
| 20th Intermodal Africa | Ghana

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