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Welcome to the first-ever RAM Spreaders Newsletter.  We hope that the Newsletter will help to engage our customers and friends, with details of the latest news and innovations from RAM.

With the recent merger of PEINER SMAG & RAM, we are now the world’s largest crane attachment manufacturer with a notable history spanning over 100 years of service in the industry, and still, we remain fiercely independent.

Our new entity, RAM SMAG Lifting Technologies is founded on innovation and customer service, the two key principles of our organisation.  I am very proud of our team and what we have achieved.  We have stayed innovative by listening to our customer’s needs and delivering new technology that provides our customers with a competitive edge.

We are particularly pleased with our ship to shore crane headblock for tandem 40 operations, which after more than 15 years of development is now in operation at DP World London Gateway and Jebel Ali T3, consistently achieving 60 boxes per hour.  Other customers in China and Latin America will also soon see the benefits of being able to work larger ships at faster speeds, enabling them to gain a competitive foothold in the market.

I hope you will enjoy reading about the latest achievements and developments from the RAM family in the last quarter.  We hope you will be inspired by our motivated people and the high levels of customer service they strive to achieve.

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