Crane Spreader Maintenance

Our global spare part hubs and expert engineers are with you every step of the way. Our spare parts team will pursue the quickest lead time for delivery, whilst our engineers work with you and provide you with the knowledge to take full advantage of your equipment. 

RAM's Ancestral Roots date back to a blacksmith's company

RAM Spreaders’ ancestral roots data back to a blacksmith company in Liverpool England in 1876. When the first container ships began to arrive in Liverpool, our founder Robert Arthur Mills used his specialised expertise and mobile workshop to repair port equipment and containers. It is there where RAM’s spreader journey began.

What’s New?

rotating spreader for bulk handling

Bigging Up Boxed Bulk

Dry Cargo International report on the success of the rotating spreader (RAM Revolver) and how it's revolutionized the bulk industry

Eti Bakir Turning the tables

CBH Turning The Tables

Turkey’s largest mining and metallurgy operations company EtiBakir have turned to the RAM Revolver for handling bulk on a reach stacker.

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