SingFlex® is an adjustable tandem headblock for ship to shore cranes. The tandem headblock allows you to handle two container spreaders at once, which is ideal for customers who want to boost their container handling productivity and reduce energy demand/costs.

The tandem headblock, SingFlex®, is capable of handling multiple containers in a single hoist lifting operation and is electro-hydraulically operated with all functions of the headblock controlled from the crane operator’s cabin.

SingFlex can be retrofitted to most container handling cranes by ISO floating twistlocks connecting the tandem headblock to the spreaders.

Quick change over between single spreader to twin spreader is fully automated and is done within 2 minutes without assistance from support staff. The switch over takes place in the headblock's very own docking station.


Lifting Capabilities:
Single Spreader – Main Headblock

1 x 20ft|40ft|45ft* ISO containers

Twin Spreader – Main & Second Headblock
2 x 20ft | 40ft | 45ft* ISO containers
4 x 20ft

Gap between containers |
0 – 1600mm
Longitudinal Offset | 0-200mm
| +/- to 3 degrees
Height Adjustment between containers | 0 -550mm

(*subject to spreader capability)


Improve your productivity
Lifting more containers per lift cycle increases quayside productivity.

Save Energy 
Operating with a tandem headblock will not only increase lifts per cycle but reduce energy consumption. This will also lead to terminals saving on energy costs whilst having a faster container operation.

Increase safety & speed of change-over
RAM’s unique quick automatic change-over between spreaders increases quayside safety and reduces the time it takes to change between single and twin spreaders, meaning the crane operator can easily plan ahead without disrupting lifting operations.

Crane operators have the flexibility to control the gap, skew, longitudinal offset and height difference between containers.


Further Info

All RAM spreaders are manufactured at our purpose built production facility in accordance with ISO 9001:2008:2008, ISO 14001;2004 and DIN 18800-7 welding standard.

Fully Tested
All spreaders are fully load tested, function tested and are delivered together with operation and maintenance manuals and associated certification.

All RAM Spreader products are supplied with full equipment warranty.