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SMAG 100 years of building the future

Container Spreaders

ICTSI TecPlata Argentina

RAM single lift telescopic spreader on Konecranes RTG crane

APM Terminals Lázaro Cárdenas One-Year Anniversary

DP World Santos in Brazil

DP World India

Introducing the 2nd generation STS crane spreader

SingFlex – Tandem Headblock

The Evolution of Lifting

Quick change over between single and twin spreaders

RAM SingFlex helping ports and terminals increase productivity 

RAM Tandem Lifting Headblock (SingFlex)

Containerised Bulk Handling

RAM Revolver for all crane applications

Innovative containerised bulk handling in Chile

Innovative Bi-Modal Containerised Bulk Handling (RAM & MMG Las Bambas)

Port of Patrick Stevedoring introduces Containerised Bulk Handling to export copper concentrate

Containerised Bulk by BLI Capstone from Pinto Valley Arizona to Guyamas in Mexico (Reach Stacker)

Riga’s Universal Terminal

Puerto Mejillones world’s first pit-to-ship Revolver operations for exporting copper concentrate

Grab handling equipment by our partners Peiner SMAG

Rotating Spreader for containerized bulk handling with Puerto Mejillones and Spence BHP.

Container Twistlock Handling

PinSmart II- Fully automatic container twistlock handling machine

TOC Global Showcase Talk on automated twistlock handling

Telescopic Pipe Handling Spreader

Pipe Handling Spreader

How To Videos

How To Set Electric Spreader Twistlock Position Switches

How to replace the seals on a hydraulic actuator normally found on a RAM Spreaders hydraulic spreader

Inclinometer settings for the RAM SingFlex Twin Spreader Headblock conection.

How To Set Landpin Sensors on a RAM Spreaders Machine