RAM Spreaders was at the Breakbulk 2023 event, where they presented their first pipe spreader customer with a scale model.

Spliethoff Receives Pipe Spreader Model

At the event, RAM Spreaders’ managers, Cameron Hay and Frank Van Laarhoven, had the opportunity to meet with employees of Spliethoff to present a scale model of their telescoping pipe spreader. This presentation came in advance of a substantial order by Spliethoff for 10 pipe spreaders, set to be completed in August 2023.

Showcasing the Pipe Spreader

The Breakbulk event also served as a platform for the company to engage with potential customers, showcasing the features of their pipe spreader. The spreader handles a variety of pipe sizes, from three pipes of 16-32 inches, two pipes of 32-60 inches, or a single pipe of up to 60 inches. The operation is hands-free and controlled by a remote which ensures safety and efficiency. The spreader also includes purpose-built padding rings to ensure damage-free lifting.

Spliethoff also opted to include a gyroscopic control in their order, which allows for a stable rotation of pipes.

These features were presented to potential customers, demonstrating the spreader’s capabilities and the value it can bring to their operations.

A Look to The Future 

RAM Spreaders is looking forward to the completion of the Spliethoff order and seeing the spreaders in operation.

RAM Spreaders is committed to improving the safety and efficiency of pipe handling operations and looks forward to working with more customers to achieve these goals with their technology.

Spliethoff Receives Pipe Spreader Model (1)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want the PDF version?

Download the document in a pdf document (link).

Do you have any images or videos of the pipe spreader?

Yes, please send an email to marketing@ramspreaders.com or go to our request a callback page.

How will the pipe spreader help large diameter pipe handling?

RAM Spreaders developed the pipe spreader to improve the safety of stevedores when handling pipes. It is also designed to protect the pipes from damage. Learn more on our telescopic pipe spreader page.

What do the grey boxes represent on the scale model?

The scale models are RAM’s gyroscopic control system, designed to allow pipes to rotate when placing into the ship’s hatch at sea. For a detailed explanation and demonstration contact our sales team at marketing@ramspreaders.com or go to our request a callback page