RAM Spreaders

Built Upon Generations of Experience and Innovation


RAM Spreaders - Ancestral Roots

In 1876, Ed Mills & Son Blacksmith’s Formed 

A family of blacksmiths in Liverpool, England, formed Ed Mills & Son. Providing vital support to a thriving maritime city where large volumes of trade passed through the docks.


Welding Containers and Equipment 

From 1967, the first containers started to arrive in Liverpool, England. Due to specialised welding skills & mobile workshop, Robert Arthur Mills repaired containers & other specialised equipment at ports.


The Manufacturing Journey Began

In 1972, Robert’s knowledge and skills led him to develop and manufacture fixed frame spreaders and spreaders for fork trucks. This was down to the understanding of weaknesses in the designs of equipment he had repaired since 1967.


first telescopic spreader for quay crane

First Telescopic Crane spreader

In 1986, Robert built his first telescopic crane spreader for a terminal in the United Kingdom. 


Joint Venture with NatSteel Engineering

In 1992, RAM Spreaders joined NatSteel Engineering Pte Ltd. A new spreader department in Singapore was formed, whilst the UK operations moved to Skelmersdale in Lancashire.


China Factory

State of the art Factory

RAM Spreaders began the construction of a new state of the art manufacturing plant in March 2005. The construction was in three stages, with a fourth stage paint shop completed in 2019. 


RAM Spreaders joins the smag group

Joint Venture with Peiner SMAG Lifting Technologies

Fast forward to 2015, RAM Spreaders joined Peiner SMAG. Together, they formed the largest crane attachment company globally.


Here’s to 50 more Years

RAM Spreaders continues to innovate
and provide new solutions to improve container handling
operation’s safety, efficiency and productivity.