RAM Spreaders have produced a hydraulic test bench (HTB) to allow their customers to perform comprehensive testing of their equipment’s motors, cylinders, rotary actuators, and valves. The HTB comes following RAM’s continued effort to help their customers ensure their equipment is well maintained for a long spreader life, avoiding any unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs.

Importance of accurate checks and pressure settings for reducing and relief valves, as well as hydraulic actuators, is crucial.  Inaccurate pressures in the hydraulic system supplying the spreader’s most critical components affect the spreader’s performance, puts additional strain on the hydraulic system and unnecessarily reduces the operational life of these hydraulic components.

Hydraulic components which suffer premature failure because of improper care and maintenance are generally sent away to third party hydraulic service companies for a diagnostic overhaul, which is costly and time-consuming.

With the HTB, RAM’s customers can shorten their troubleshooting time and take the guesswork out of the fault-finding. The HTB, complete with a set of popular manifold blocks, hoses, mounting apparatus and a seal repair tool, provides thorough testing to motors, cylinders, rotary actuators, and valves – new or rebuilt. Individually inspecting each item will allow technicians to identify any malfunctioning errors, reducing the risk of safety to port staff. To add, with an improved standard of maintenance using the HTB, container handling operations will run more smoothly and avoid costly downtime.

Along with the HTB, RAM Spreaders will provide support with a how-to guide and videos to help customers troubleshoot and maintain their equipment for a long spreader life. 

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Read the HTB brochure

This document highlights the importance of proper maintenance for control valves, relief
valves, and actuators in a container spreader. It also aims to guide port technicians using
the RAM Hydraulic Test Bench (RAM HTB) to test their spreader hydraulic components
function and performance. Link to brochure

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