DP World and New Gold Inc. announced the signing of a long-term agreement to facilitate the export of copper concentrate through DP World Fraser Surrey using rotating containers

VANCOUVER, BC – DP World (Canada) Inc. is pleased to announce the signing of a long-term agreement with New Gold Inc. facilitating the export of copper concentrate through DP World Fraser Surrey using rotating containers – a specialized revolving head technology.

New Gold is excited to be partnering with DP World Fraser Surrey, a world-class marine terminal and Intermodal Solutions Group (ISG). New Gold will be the first mining company in North America to use the ISG rotating containers system, from mine to vessel. New Gold recognizes that keeping bulk products contained, from mine to ship, will benefit the environment and significantly reduce or eliminate the risk of dust loss that comes with bulk handling.

DP World Fraser Surrey will be the first marine terminal in Western Canada to begin exporting dry bulk cargo by using rotating containers. This revolutionary new export method will begin an era of exporting dry bulk commodities in a more environmentally responsible manner. This method allows fully sealed containers to be rotated 360 degrees within the hold of the vessel to unload the contents rather than using the traditional bulk ship loader. A mobile dust suppression unit is fitted around the rim of each vessel hatch emitting water mist to mitigate dust levels.

As a result, there is no product damage or loss and the risk of environmental contamination during transport and loading is dramatically reduced.

In addition to concentrates, the containerised bulk handling technology can be used with sulphur, wood pellets, fertilizer and grains.

DP World (Canada) Inc.  CEO & GM, Maksim Mihic, noted: “I am delighted to partner with New Gold Inc. to enable trade in a more efficient way and with significant environmental benefits. The rotating container is an innovative solution that will improve the competitiveness of Canadian exports in the global markets.”

DP World’s continued investment into Fraser Surrey has created a world class marine terminal. The agreement with New Gold and the start up of this model for exporting cargo forms a new standard in marine shipping, enabling smarter trade and creating a better future for all.

The new operation at the DP World Fraser Surrey marine terminal is expected to begin in early 2022.

Article from DP World Canada