Capacity Spreader Weight Base Frame Weight
40 tonnes 2.8 tonnes 2.0 tonnes

RAM2220 Telescopic Overheight lifting Spreader for out of guage cargo


The RAM 2220 Model Telescopic overheight spreader is designed for use with a conventional telescopic spreader when handling containes loaded with “out of guage”A cargo.

Manufactured from high quality steel, it is an all welded fabrication with a centre section supporting two telescopic beam assemblies fitted with extended rigid corner legs.

Capable of lifting 20ft, 40ft or 45ft containers with the telescopic action of the mother spreader.  the overheight spreader has twistlock’s positioned at each corner of the spreader for locking onto the container corner castings.  The twistlock’s are operated by the mechanical connection from the mother spreader twistlock’s.

Auxillary hooks are fitted to support the overheight spreader beneath the mother spreader.  These hooks are positioned on each corner leg of the overheight spreader.  These connect to the special brackets fitted to the mother spreader and the hooks are released by inserting the overheight spreader into the base storage frame.


All RAM spreaders are manufactured at our purpose built production facility in accordance with ISO 9001:2008:2008, ISO 14001;2004 and DIN 18800-7 welding standard.

Fully Tested
All spreaders are fully load tested, function tested and are delivered together with operation and maintenance manuals and associated certification.

All RAM Spreader products are supplied with full equipment warranty.



The base frame is operated together with the auxilary hook mechanism for attachment of the overheight spreader to the mother spreader.

There are four posts in the base frame each with a mechanism for activating and releasing the spring loaded auxilary hook.

The base frame is also used for storing and transporting the overheight spreader.  The frame is fitted with fork pockets to permit easy handling by a heavy-duty fork lift truck.