RAM Spreaders launch a new crane spreader that is more robust and demands less.

RAM Spreaders have recently launched their 2nd generation crane spreader for ship to shore operations. The product comes after two decades of RAM’s long-serving 2900 series sold on every continent. The new STS series aims to help customers improve their container quayside operations whilst requiring less maintenance and energy.

The new 6900 series have been designed with many technological advancements to help future proof port operations and comes with new engineering and manufacturing techniques, including automated welding for a consistently high-quality build, internally stiffened 2-piece telescopic beams for robust heavy-duty operations, and a new twin lift housing design, reducing the number of components required to perform telescopic and twin lift functions.  With fewer components, this means less maintenance which also means less unnecessary downtime.

Telescopic speeds between 20’ to 40’ and 20’ to 45’on the new 6900 series STS crane spreader have been increased, thanks to its new 2-piece telescopic design. Like its predecessor, gap adjustments of 0-1600mm between two 20’ ISO containers can still be performed, along with gap detections of 0mm, 76mm and 1600m, and linear transducers adjust the gap automatically to any position between 0mm and 1600mm.

High-performance hydraulically retractable flippers are designed and configured according to either Twin20 or Tandem operation to optimise gathering and absorption of high impacts between spreader and container.

Using the new STS crane spreader with SingFlex tandem headblock is a perfect match to the high-performance requirements of tandem lift operations, so container terminals have the ability to adopt tandem operations, which will boost container handling productivity and energy demand.

The new crane spreader series will also appeal to automated container terminals due to the technological advancements: image analysis, low spreader height, greater gathering force.


STS Spreader in Twin Lift Mode

Twin lift operation

Revolver lifting sealed containers from trucks

Tandem operation

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