RAM Revolvers are used in the fertiliser industry for export. 

RAM Spreaders’ customer has incorporated a containerised bulk handling system to export granular urea to overseas markets such as India, Australia, Latin America and the United States. The operation will include two RAM Revolvers unloading the urea at a container port.

Where does the operation begin?

Urea will be loaded into Intermodal Solution Group (ISG) sealed containers, using a hopper and feed at the facility. Specifically, the containers include a specially designed hatch to allow the feed to be placed into the containers. Loading the urea via the hatch will ensure clean handling as it does not see the light of day once in the containers and the hatch will avoid the need to remove the lid to load the urea.

The urea will then be transported in the sealed containers via truck to a container port in the region. The port is just over one hour away and was chosen due to its deep water berths that can accommodate large bulk-carrying vessels. 

 Containerization form

Containerized Formation

canonical formation

Conical Formation

Cone Formation

Cone Formation

Safe & Secure 

When the containers have arrived at the port, they will be removed from the trucks via a reach stacker and then stacked in the yard for the arrival of the shipping vessel.

The sealed containers will stop commodities from escaping or generating dust which is often the case for open stockpiles. Open stockpiles are often seen as “money blowing in the wind”, where the containerised bulk handling solution has protected the customer’s investment due to the reduced risk of contamination and 100% of the urea being delivered to their customers.

The containerized solution means the port can make use of its storage space as opposed to open stockpiles which take a canonical or cone formation. The containerized solution takes less floor space and is quick and easy for the container port to export the urea. 

Sealed Containers on Reach Stacker (600x400)
Rotating Spreader for Urea Unloading (1024x576)

Global Potential

With the global demand for fertilizers high, the system and the port’s deepwater berths provide the customer with the opportunity to unload the urea in large bulk vessels to export to overseas markets. The scope of the implementation required little investment and planning when compared to large bulk-handling infrastructures which often cost millions of dollars and lots of planning. 

For this project, the customer purchased ISG sealed containers, two rotating spreaders and took advantage of the storage space at the port. 

Unloading Process

As the bulk shipping vessel arrives, two sealed containers are placed onto a truck via a reach stacker and transported to the quayside. At the quayside, two rotating spreaders, on ship to shore cranes, pick the sealed containers up and remove the sealed lid in an autonomous process whilst moving towards the hatch. The containers are then lowered into the hatch and rotated 360 degrees to fully decant the urea. The lid is then placed back onto the containers which are then placed back onto the truck and the cycle is repeated.


Commissioning and Training Rotating Spreaders (600x400)

Training & Maintenance

RAM Spreaders provided training to technicians at the port to ensure the proper practice and maintenance of the spreader. Specifically, RAM Spreaders demonstrated how to completely dismantle the twistlock assembly before replacing each item correctly. 


Commissioning and Training Rotating Spreaders (600x400)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using sealed containers for urea export?

Sealed containers can prevent urea from escaping or generating dust, which can reduce contamination and loss of product.

Sealed containers can also save storage space at the port, as they can be stacked more efficiently than open stockpiles.

Sealed containers can enable faster and cleaner loading and unloading of urea, as they can be rotated by the spreaders without removing the lids.

What are the advantages of using a containerised bulk handling system for exporting urea?

RAM Revolvers are rotating spreaders that can handle sealed containers without opening them until they are over the hatch of the vessel, which can improve safety and efficiency. 

RAM Spreaders can also provide training for the crane operator and port staff to maximise the efficency and productivity of the operation.