The containerised bulk handling process at Puerto Angamos was so successful, we had to film it…

Following our news article a few months ago, we re-visited Puerto Angamos to see how the containerised bulk handling equipment has changed their way of exporting bulk.  So successful was the CBH process reported by Puerto Angamos, we had to film it. The film allows you to see how the CBH process works, and how it has changed and revolutionized the exporting of bulk commodities at Puerto Angamos and the benefits of using the CBH system. For viewing preference, the film has been produced in English and Spanish language and can be viewed by clicking on the images below

                          Angamos esp tab

We hope you like the film footage and welcome you to share it and continue following us. If you wish to know more about the successful Puerto Angamos CBH process, please contact one of our regional sales agents who will be more than happy to provide more information.