RAM are delighted to hear that TPT’s introduction of the Containerised Bulk Handling system using the RAM Revolver at the Port Elizabeth Container Terminal has delighted customers, an article published in South Africa press reveals.

Since 2013, The Port Elizabeth Terminal has been ranked the highest in Africa for moves per hour, and is South Africa’s first terminal to load bulk ore carrying vessels using ship to shore cranes with RAM Revolver spreaders.  This achievement is all down to the wealth of experience and the innovative technical team at Transnet Port Terminal’s Port Elizabeth Terminal, which has helped save the company millions of Rands, improving turnaround time and setting loading records to meet customer expectations in May 2017.

The article showed the innovative technology introduced by TPT for loading bulk ore has enabled customers to export more than 2.5 million tons of manganese ore over the past four years; which has shown an increase in export volume by an average of 22.5 percent year-on-year.

Customers demand for capacity, increased loading rates and reduced vessel stay time at the port grew.  As a result, TPT introduced 2 more RAM Revolver’s complimenting the terminal with 3 fully operational adjacent cranes, allowing all three hatches of a vessel to be loaded simultaneously.

Recently the terminal broke yet another record in achieving a loading rate of 14,230 tons of Manganese ore in just 12 hours.

The way in which this terminal has broken records in bulk export in South Africa, and that customer’s satisfaction and confidence has grown; will no doubt lead to increased business and new business growth for the Terminal.