Dry Cargo International reports in November 2017 on Riga Universal Terminal’s move towards the Containerised Bulk Handling solution with the RAM Revolver®

Riga Universal Terminals Ltd (RUT) became the first port in Europe to introduce the Containerised Bulk Handling system for the movement of wood pellets on large dry bulk ships.

Wood pellets are moved from the warehouse to the quayside in 2oft open-top containers.  The containers are then lifted with the RAM Revolver where the entire contents of the container is emptied into the ships hold by turning the container over with the RAM Revolver.

Antis Šulte, RUT Trade and Business Development Director said to Dry Cargo International “The main benefit from introducing the new technology is a significant optimization of terminal expenses and an increase in performance.  Now we can perform dry bulk handling operations involving a significantly smaller number of machjines and human resources“.

Savings on resources amount to amost 50% he added.