Specialist Russian publication ‘Railroad Partner’ reports in their October 2015 edition on the new Containerized Bulk Handling process.

RAM Spreaders, one of the leading manufacturers of container spreaders offers a new type of product and new technology of transportation and handling of bulk cargoes.  Containerization, which allows to transport cargo by different transport, captures more niche for bulk materials.  Until now, the weakest link was the unloading of bulk cargo from special containers.  RAM Spreaders offers a solution that will change the future of transport logistics of many exporters.

With the RAM revolver spreader, any bulk material can be directly unloaded into the hold of the vessel from the special open top containers. The revolver spreader itself can open the lid with locks at the time of tilting the container in the hold of the ship.  

This technology is already being used in Australia, Africa and Latin America.  It enables shippers and forwarders to have flexibility, have no pollution issues and no material loss with fewer investments and a short lead time to organize the handling of large volumes of cargo.

The containerized bulk handling technology makes it a portable solution and does not require specialized equipment for the handling of bulk cargo as existing port equipment can be used.   In addition, the storage area of the commodity is reduced by using the containers as secure storage of the cargo and downtime of wagons ot railway stations at ports is also reduded.

Intersafe Marine AB (www.intersafe-marine.com), the sales agent of RAM for the Russian region has reported a keen interest of some Russian shippers and ports for the containerized bulk handling technology.

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