RAM’s regional manager for CIS and Russia, Evgenii Kudriavtcev received good feedback on a talk during the “Grain Logistics 2021: Logistics for the export of grains and oilseeds conference” in Novorossiysk.

More than 250 delegates from Russia gathered in the largest southerly port in Russia.  The event’s primary focus discussed the need to increase transshipment volumes, following the success of Russian south ports exporting agricultural products such as grain, with Russia, during the second part of 2020 exporting a record 30 million tons of grain, including 25.4 million tons of wheat.

Evgenii’s talk highlighted the success of RAM’s Revolver Containerised Bulk Handling, which is now in operation in many projects globally, and also RAM’s alternative containerized bulk handling tilting spreader as a good alternative for grain handling.

During the discussion, Evgenii demonstrated the environmental and cost-saving benefits of containerizing the bulk, such as grain in sealed containers and the containers acting as storage and transport, with the commodity only seeing the light of day immediately before decantation by Revolver or Tilting spreader.

Speaking after the event, Evgenii explained, “CBH is not only cost-effective and environmentally friendly but also fast to market for both the import and export of grain.  The added benefit of containerizing grain in sealed containers allows facilities to store multiple types of commodity next to each other without running the risk of contamination or loss of commodity”. 

Evgenii added, “Our CBH solution is an ideal alternative to traditional grain handling methods, which can be costly and difficult to manage environmentally.  CBH provides opportunities to help cope with the increase in demand for transshipment volumes of grain, whilst protecting the commodity and environment”.

RAM Revolver - containerised bulk system unloading copper concentrate

RAM Revolver 

RAM Revolver - containerised bulk system unloading copper concentrate

Tilting Spreader