Lifting Config Pipe Length Pipe Diameter
4 Beam 1,150cm – 1,300cm 14 – 18 inch
3 Beam 1,150cm – 1,300cm 19 – 35 inch
2 Beam 1,150cm – 1,300cm 36 – 60 inch

RAM6000 Telescopic Pipe Handling Spreader 


The RAM 6000 Telescopic Pipe Handling Spreader designed for use with ship cranes, mobile harbour cranes or other overhead cranes, is one of our latest innovations which tackles the manual process of handling pipes, which can be a dangerous and slow task.

Developed for ship loading without manual intervention, the pipe handling spreader can handle a wide range of pipe lengths, thanks to its four telescopic beams with end manipulators that move along a longitudinal axis allowing it to handle pipes between 1150cm to 1300cm in length.

Lateral adjustments and removal of the central end beams allow the crane operator to lift a wide variety of pipe diameters, with 4 x 14-16inch pipes / 3 x 19-35inch pipes or 2 x 36-60inch diameter pipes handled with ease.

Mechanical sensing assemblies ensure safe handling of pipes, with LED indicators signalling the crane operator once the pipes are securely clamped and ready for hoisting.

Purpose-built padding rings located on the end manipulators and additional padding on each of the spreaders pipe contact points, help prevent pipe damage during the handling process.

An onboard diesel engine provides power for the electro-hydraulically operated spreader, with all functions controlled by wireless remote control.

Monitoring sensor status and fault finding information is carried out via a diagnostic panel providing maintenance personnel troubleshooting information.


All RAM spreaders are manufactured at our purpose built production facility in accordance with ISO 9001:2008:2008, ISO 14001;2004 and DIN 18800-7 welding standard.

Fully Tested
All spreaders are fully load tested, function tested and are delivered together with operation and maintenance manuals and associated certification.

All RAM Spreader products are supplied with full equipment warranty.


Autogreasing System
Specially designed to automatically lubracate all crucial greasing points on the spreader

Other options are available on request