RAM have been featured in World Cargo News, discussing the new pipe-handling spreader.

The article published by WCN in December discusses the increase in demand for pipe handling attachments for jib cranes, including shipboard cranes and MHCs.  World Cargo news raises current issues of current pipe handling operations, suggesting (un)loading is labour intensive, slow and often dangerous. This is a particular problem with coated pipes, which are not airtight and therefore cannot be handled using vacuum technology.

The article reports the solution to these issues is the RAM’s pipe-handling spreader. Its telescopic quad beam system and end grippers with purpose-built padding protecting the pipes from any damage during the lifting and handling process. The article also informs on the spreader’s other beneficial features such as the option of the pipe spreader being powered from the crane’s power supply or self-contained diesel power unit; how it can be controlled by the crane operator or wireless and its LED and camera system to ensure a safe working environment.