PortalPortuario reports on Puerto Angamos in Chile transferring a record 2 million tons of bulk since using the Containerised Bulk Handling System with the RAM Revolver®

Back in May 2017 we reported on Puerto Angamos producing a video showing their containerised bulk handling operation using 3 mobile harbour cranes, each with a containerised bulk handling rotating spreader.  Puerto Angamos is making more news again in January 2018 with PortalPortuario reporting on the port achieving an operating record of 2 million tons of bulk which includes copper concentrate since using the Containerised Bulk Handling process. This is another milestone achievement for the port as during October of 2017, Puerto Angamos achieved an operational record, transferring 126,000 tons of copper concentrate in one month. Click the following links below to read the full article from PortalPortuario in translated English language and the original news article in Spanish.