PinSmart II automates the removal and replacement of twistlocks. Its design not only reduces the dangers of working under containers to remove or replace twistlocks, but also improves crane cycle times. 

Port automation is now accelerating, making performance more predictable and efficient. RAM Spreaders has developed a solution to the last major challenge of port automation. 

Automated Twistlock Handling

PinSmart II is designed to automate the removal and replacement of twistlocks. There are over 100 different type of container twistlocks, so developing a robotic arm that can handle all twistlocks was a breakthrough for port automation. The container(s) will land on the PinSmart’s frame where below is the robotic arms. Through careful planning and management, the robotic arms will remove the twistlock from the container and place it onto the storage rack (and vice versa). With machine learning, PinSmart will memorise where each twistlock is placed on the storage rack for it to be later replaced back onto a container.

The twistlock machine has two cradle carriers this allows the machine to increase the number of containers handled each cycle. With two cradles, PinSmart can handle 2 x 40/45ft containers or 4 x 20ft containers each cycle, which is ideal for a tandem lift operation. 

Your Return on Investment

Automating container operations will be more predictable, as there is less human intervention. This means less accidents occur which often come with an expensive bill. In addition, with the port workforce out of harms way, the quayside environment will be more safe leading to port’s insurance costs reduced. 

Conventional twistlock handling is significantly slow, in fact 30% of the crane cycle time is spent removing or replacing the pin. Even with improvements to the crane, twistlock handling still eats 30-60 seconds per container move.  PinSmart II has the potential to help ports achieve a new standard – moving 40 boxes per hour. This then has a knock on effect of ports avoiding container congestion and demurrage/detention charges.

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Fully automated twistlock handling machine - PinSmart II

Robotic arm removes container twistlocks

Port automation - RAM Spreaders smart storage twistlock handling

PinSmart II handles and stores all twistlock types