In a world where advancements in technology calls for lighter and smaller, in the container handling industry, bigger and heavier is a much better option.

In the theme of constant innovations, RAM Spreaders has announced it will be introducing a new RAM revolver and container combination which will allow payloads of up to 60 tons.

Since its introduction some 50 years ago, ‘containerization’ has seen advancements and changes which RAM have always strived to be at the forefront of innovations anticipating the way the industry is developing and progressing. From the efficiency of the ‘intermodalism’ system in which the same container, same cargo is transported seamlessly through different transport modes, the industry has seen the emergence of efficient and bigger capacity container ships in recent years. Ports and terminals are progressively seeking ways to increase productivity and demand.

RAM’s decision to develop a higher container payload capacity was the result of an increasing number of customers wanting to load ships more efficiently. Continuing their business ethic of developing products to meet customer expectations and demands, the engineers at RAM set about designing and developing a high capacity revolver and container combination.

RAM, has for many years designed products, in particular headblocks that have higher lifting capacities than 50 tons. An example is their Tandem Lift ‘SingFlex’ that has a capacity on certain types of ship to shore cranes of 120 tons, achieved by using a larger twistlock, commonly used on their headblocks.

In order to lift greater than 40 tons, RAM has designed an alternative lifting point on the container, combined with its larger and higher capacity twistlock, found on their revolver spreader. This clever design allows dual use of the container so it can be handled by conventional cargo handling equipment, but also used for higher capacity lifting equipment.

The drawings show one form of the container concept, which allows lifting the container at different corner casting locations. One set, for the higher capacity corner castings, will be set outside the normal ISO positions for safety, and the e other will be at standard ISO positions for shipping purposes.

RAM are open to the idea of submitting drawings and designs to container companies allowing them to make the special containers, as they did so previously with the designs for the compartmented 40ft container. When asked about the system, RAM’s design team representative said “these ideas are simple iterations on previous concepts that anyone who is skilled in the art could develop”. This high capacity system would allow modern high capacity container terminals to load bulk ships at > 4000 tph with a simple spreader change“.

For more information on the high capacity container and revolver combination, please contact RAM at