Terminal Puerto Coquimbo (TPC) enhances their loading and storing of copper concentrate, after adopting CBH technology.

TPC is part of the Ultramar group and are a multipurpose terminal in the Coquimbo region, who provide their services to tourism, the fruit and vegetable industry and mining. With rising demands to export copper concentrate, TPC have been looking for innovative ways to cope, meet environmental regulations and maintain product quality. The company had to look no further than RAM Spreader’s proven track record with the lightweight MHC RAM Revolver for a containerised bulk handling solution.

The containerised bulk handling system introduced by TPC is a Shed to Ship operation. It begins at the shed, where the copper concentrate is unloaded, and stored in an existing conventional bulk warehouse at the port. Upon the arrival of the ship, the Intermodal Solution Group (ISG) bulk containers are each loaded with 30 tons of copper concentrate. The containers are then sealed shut with a lid preventing the product from being exposed to the environment; loss of commodity or product quality being degraded. 10 containers are then transported to the quayside in a loop, waiting to be unloaded by the RAM Revolver directly into the ship

As TPC opted for the lightweight MHC RAM Revolver, their mobile harbour crane is able to unload a greater payload of copper concentrate per cycle. The RAM Revolver automatically removes the lid before rotating the container 360 degrees at the bottom of the hatch reducing dust plume. When the container is emptied, the RAM Revolver replaces the lid back onto the container, which is then placed back on the truck to be reloaded at the shed.

The TPC operation demonstrates how the CBH technology is able to flexibly integrate into a Port with an existing bulk warehouse to produce a more efficient bulk cycle.  This technology can integrate with any type of Port or bulk logistics system to sharply reduce both loss and contamination of the commodity.

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