Bolivia President delivers a hearfelt speech at the start of Port of Quijarro exporting urea to Brazil.

In a heartfelt speech, Bolivia President Evo Morales spoke at the Port of Quijarro’s historic launch of exporting urea and fertilizer to Brazil.  Bolivia have for some twenty years exported natural gas into Brazil, but now with the emergence of Containerised Bulk Handling, Bolivia is now able to export processed gas in the form of fertilizers and urea to Brazil.

This not only allows Bolivia to export processed gas in the form of fertilizer to Brazil but also avoid the need for small to large producers to import ferilizer from other countries.

The way in which the port is able to export fertilizer is following the introduction of the Containerised Bulk Handling system which uses the RAM Revolver®.  The innovative and environmentally friendly bulk handling solution uses sealed containers as a means of transport, storage and discharge.  The RAM Revolver® attached to a reach stacker at the port of Quijarro is used to pick up the container, it then automatically removes the lid of the container before the commodity is rotated, gently tipping out the urea into hoppers at the export facility.

Speaking at the Port, President Morales said “This is a historic day for us, we’re selling processed gas in the form of fertilizer or urea“.

The President went on to say “It is wonderful that we have started exporting LPG and fertilizers“.

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