Aftermarket twistlocks are easy to come by on the market and at reduced prices, companies are understandably tempted to buy them. Companies are always trying to cut back to save money, but they should be aware, cutting corners to save money on twistlocks will put their employees in danger.

Twistlocks are a crane’s Achilles heel, they are the only thing that meets a container to carry its full weight. Many aftermarket twistlocks are not tested vigorously and built with poor quality materials, so trusting them with the weight of a container is a gamble to employee safety and equipment. Terminal operators must be aware that non-genuine spare parts may invalidate any insurance claims, as their equipment may not be suitable for the purpose.

Alternatively, RAM’s twistlocks are fabricated from high tempered alloy steel and upset forged from the head, leading to a finer grain flow in a general shape. The twistlock assembly includes a floating section that allows a certain amount of both lateral and longitudinal movement. This clever design allows twistlock pins to be positioned into each casting corner efficiently and containers to be lifted safely.

RAM’s twistlocks are strictly tested to withstand the impact of the containers and undergo magnetic particle/ultrasonic examination. Thus, customers can be assured their employees are working in a safe environment and insurance claims are valid.

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