Riga Universal Terminal moves towards CBH solution

RAM in the news Riga Bulking up in Baltics

Dry Cargo International reports in November 2017 on Riga Universal Terminal’s move towards the Containerised Bulk Handling solution with the RAM Revolver®

Riga Universal Terminals Ltd (RUT)  become the first port in Europe to introduce the Containerised Bulk Handling system for the movement of wood pellets on large dry bulk ships.

Wood pellets are moved from the warehouse to the quayside in 2oft open-top containers.  The containers are then lifted with the RAM Revolver where the entire contents of the container is emptied into the ships hold by turning the container over with the RAM Revolver.

Antis Šulte, RUT Trade and Business Development Director said to Dry Cargo International “The main benefit from introducing the new technology is a significant optimization of terminal expenses and an increase in performance.  Now we can perform dry bulk handling operations involving a significantly smaller number of machjines and human resources“.

Savings on resources amount to amost 50% he added.

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Mundo Maritimo Reports on Puerto Angamos Record Breaking Achievements with CBH

Mundo Maritomo reports on the record breaking achievements of Puerto Angamos in Chile since using the Containerised Bulk Handling System with the RAM Revolver®

Back in May this year we reported on Puerto Angamos producing a video showing their containerised bulk handling operation using 3 mobile harbour cranes, each with a RAM Revolver® rotating spreader.

Puerto Angamos is making the news again with Mundo Maritimo reporting on their record breaking containerised bulk handling copper concentrate export during the month of October for the terminal.

During October of this year, Puerto Angamos achieved a new operational record, transferring 126,000 tons of copper concentrate in one month. This important milestone exceeds the figures obtained previously by the port terminal that, in December 2016, had mobilized 93,503 tons.

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Riga Universal Terminal – First in Europe to introduce Containerised Bulk Handling and increases biomass productivity

RAM in the news RIGA increases Biomass video

Riga Universal Terminal, located just outside the beautiful city centre of Riga in Latvia has become the first European terminal to introduce the environmentally friendly Containerised Bulk Handling system; using the RAM Revolver® to export biomass materials.

A few years ago RUT, a multipurpose port which handles containers, breakbulk, timber and various types of bulk materials, expanded its terminals growth and began handling sunflower pellets, wood pellets and wood chips to fuel the demand for renewable energy sources.

Increase in demand for renewable energy sources
Since then,  RUT have seen an increase in demand for renewable energy sources, and as a result, had to look for more efficient high capacity loading system to continue growth and meet demand.

When considering the different options available, RUT thought about buying a new material handler in the region of 1.3 million Euros, as well as possibly having to sell one of their existing MHC cranes.  “This would have meant a huge investment without getting a meaningful profit in return” Ricky Yong CEO of RUT explained.

The RAM Revolver® high loading rates
With the support of Liebherr service partner, Alfis Ltd and sales agency Intersafe Marine AB, RAM put forward a recommendation for their RAM Revolver®, with loading rates of up to 45 tonnes per cycle.  The Containerised Bulk Handling system utilises the existing Liebherr MHC and with skilled operators, RUT projected 30 cycles per hour being achieved.

Material Handler vs RAM Revolver®
RUT compared the work of a small handler with that of the RAM Revolver® while loading vessels with wood chips, and found the material handler had a maximum capacity of 200 tons/hour compared to 800 tons/hour on the first usage of the RAM Revolver®.


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HPH Ports Timsa introduces innovative CBH system at their multipurpose facility

HPH Timsa in the news 4

Hutchison Ports TIMSA is a multipurpose facility dedicated to the loading and discharging of containers by land and sea, as well as the loading and discharging of bulk goods.

Originally posted on their official YouTube channel in April 2017, HPH TIMSA demonstrate the new innovative bulk handling process called “Containerised Bulk Handling”.

This innovative containerised bulk handling solution using the RAM Revolver deployed by TIMSA has significantly improved logistics for Mexican exporters of mineral bulk and concentrates adding efficiency to their operations.

Links to the Video, HPH Press Release and HPH Newsletter:

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Continued success at Puerto Angamos in Chile using Containerised Bulk Handling

Angamos in the news pic 7

Puerto Angamos in Chile produce video showing the Containerised Bulk Handling process in action

Since its introduction at the port in Chile, Puerto Angamos reveal the benefits of using the Containerised Bulk Handling solution, known for its cutting edge technology for exporting bulk materials.

Operating 3 mobile harbour cranes simulaneously to load one ship, Puerto Angamos are at the forefront in providing a fast, efficient, clean and envirnomentally friendly bulk materials export service.

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Innovations Magazine APEGBC Highlights MMG Las Bambas Logistics Project

RAM are delighted to hear that MMG’s Las Bambas Project in Peru has been recognised for its Containerised Bulk Handling Optimisation in the APEGBC  Innovations July/August publication.

The project first involved MMG’s purchase of the mine near Cusco, Peru located 4,100 metres above sea level and a plan to develop a complete bimodal logistics system capable of exporting 1.5 megatonnes of copper concentrate per year to the export facility in Matarini.

Ausenco, an Engineering, Construction and Project Management specialist worked with MMG to design and impliment a truck to rail bi-modal containerised bulk handling system.  This system is unique as it containerises the valuable copper concentrate from the Las Bambas mine to the export facility in Matarini, reducing loss of commodity during transportation and handling and is environment best practice.

Travelling over 710km by road and finally rail, the containers full of copper concentrate reach the export facility in Matarani, where the containers are then handled by rotating spreader’s called RAM Revolver® attached to bridge cranes where it lifts the lid off the container  and tips the copper concentrate into hoppers for final quayside handling.

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Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal & CU River Mining Australia scoop Actemium Award

Actemium Award 2016

CU River Mining Australia & Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal revive bankrupt irone ore mining operation in South Australia and scoop Actemium Award for Bulk Handling Facility of the Year |  Australian Bulk Handing Review reports.

RAM Spreaders made the news in Australian Bulk Handling Review this month with CU River Mining Australia & Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal scooping the Actemium Award for Bulk Handling Facility of the Year.

The facility implimented the Containerised Bulk Handling process (CBH) which uses the RAM Revolver, a rotating spreader as part of the operation.  The joint submission got the nod from the judges due to the regeneration of jobs and a return of iron ore export through Port Adelaide.

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MMG Las Bambas receive their IBJ Award from RAM

MMG Las Bambas receive IBJ Award from RAM
Following the success at the recent IBJ Awards in November 2016, RAM visited MMG Las Bambas in Peru to congratulate them on their joint Award for Innovative Technology for implementing a new Bi-Modal Containerised Bulk Handling Solution.

Shortlisted by the IBJ panel of Judges, RAM and MMG Las Bambas in Peru were extremely proud that the panel of judges recognised the innovative technology as demonstrated in a case study detailing the low cost bi-modal solution for exporting copper concentrate from the remote mining facility and transporting it 710km to the Port of Matarani in sealed containers.

The bi-modal containerised bulk handling process involves the clever use of sealed bulk containers as the method of transport and storage, which reduces dust and protects the commodity from contamination.

The containers filled at the mine are sealed with a lid and transported by truck on the first leg of the journey where they reach the rail transfer point.  The containers are then sent by rail to arrive at the final destination in the transfer building at the port at Matarani.   Two rotating spreaders called “RAM Revolver®” are attached to Bridge Crane’s inside the transfer building.  The cranes are semi-automatically controlled to manoeuvre and pick up the containers from the railcars, the lids are then automatically lifted from the container by the revolver before the containers reach the hopper where the operator, using a remote control, rotates the revolver, tipping the copper concentrate into the hopper to complete the export process.

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