A recent independent report published by Ports & Waterway Engineering provides a valuable tool for ports evaluating different crane options.


Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) a terminal operator at the world’s largest port of Shanghai which handles over 35 million TEU’s has undertaken a scientific evaluation of several tandem lifting systems.

They have found that dual hoist cranes breakdown significantly more, they cost more to maintain and use more energy per box and with a price tag greater than 1 million USD.  From this they have evaluated several single hoist tandem systems available on the maket.

“This article is a great tool to assist port engineer evaluating the pros and cons of tandem 40 systems for their projects” Cameron Hay – RAM Spreaders


The findings in the independent report, can be viewed by clicking the relevant PDF icon below.

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RAM Spreaders has more than 40 Single Hoist Tandem Systems in operation in London, Dubai, China and several other locations soon to be delivered.

You can see a video showing the versitility of RAM SingFlex on our Vimeo Channel:

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