Following the success of new bulk loading system in South America and Australia, several companies in Europe are looking at alternatives to get their grain to market, with high capital, silos and bulk loaders providing the only way to export; But now there is an alternative.

Following the lead of many others like Argentina, Africa and Australia, companies in Romania are looking into a new system of bulk loading called Containerised Bulk Handling (CBH).  This article shows you a case study of how farmers, traders and logistics companies can use the new system to get their grain to market.

Black Sea Ports and Shipping

At the recent Black Sea Ports Conference in Constanta which hosted ports and terminals in the region, a great deal of discussions during the conference focused on how ports and logistics systems could serve the growing harvest in a region that is fast becoming a food bowl for Europe and the Middle East.

Click here to view the full case study in which the container becomes the storage and transport system, removing the need for Silos.