Telescopic Pipe Handling Spreader

For offshore Oil & Gas

RAM Spreaders has developed a universal pipe handling spreader to handle a wide range of pipe lengths and diameters. Making the dangerous and slow task of handling pipes a lot safer and quicker

Spreader Geometrics

RAM4000 telescopic pipe handling spreader (515x380)

2 beams

Pipe spreader - RAM Spreaders

3 beams

RAM4000 telescopic pipe handling spreader (515x380)

4 beams

RAM4000 telescopic pipe handling spreader (515x380)

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Remote Control Operated (64x64)

Remote Operating

The telescopic spreader is controlled from the crane cabin or through wireless control, with no manual intervention necessary. This ensures a safe work environment during the handling of pipes. 


Telescopic Quad Beam

The spreader is designed with a separating quad beam which gives the spreader flexibility to adjust to different lengths and diameters. 

Protection Plates (64x64)

Protection Plates

Fitted to each of the telescopic beams are the end grippers, which are essential in protecting the pipe’s quality during the handling process. 

Lights. Camera. Action

Optional features such as a height indication system, diagnostic display, and camera monitoring system are effective in low light operation. 


Ship to Shore Pipe Spreader (255x191)

Ship to shore cranes

MHC Pipe Spreader (255x191)

Mobile  Harbour Cranes

Reach stacker pipe spreader (255x191)

Reach Stacker

ship crane pipe spreader (255x191)

Ship Cranes

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of pipes does the RAM6000 handle?

The telescopic pipe spreader handles steel pipes and concrete-coated steel pipes for energy projects. 

Are there optional upgrades available for the RAM6000 telescopic pipe spreader?

RAM Spreaders offer the following upgrades:

Height Indication System 

To slow the approach of the spreader before landing on the pipes. 

Camera System 

For real-time crane operator assistance during the pipe handling cycle. 

Gyroscopic sensor 

Detect angle rate and velocity to help stabilize the spreader during the handling of pipes. 

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