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With our expert engineers and 24hr customer service
support, we will help keep your container operations moving. 

Service Maintenance

With decades of experience in the container handling industry, RAM’s service engineers will help keep your operations moving.  

Our engineers will trouble shoot your equipment to find the root cause and recommend actions. 

Genuine Spare Parts

Our genuine spare parts are forged with the right qualities, dimensions, and features. Each spare part is rigorously tested to ensure reliability, safety and maximise spreader uptime.

RAM’s global network of spare part hubs pursue the quickest lead time for delivery. 


We are committed to helping our clients get the most out of their equipment.

Our upgrades will boost the productivity of your spreader and increase operational safety.

Service Maintenance

The practical reality is that even the most robust spreader will need maintenance work to avoid costly downtime.

Our expert engineers and service partners, who know every nut and bolt of your spreader, are on hand 24/7 for seamless support and can equip your team with the knowledge to get the most out of your spreader for maximum uptime and productivity.

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Genuine Spare Parts

Aftermarket spare parts are easy to come by, but at what cost?  Original RAM spare parts are carefully selected and thoroughly tested for their intended purpose.

Their robust design will withstand the harshest of conditions, allowing longer spreader uptime and optimal performance.

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RAM Technical Support - Experience on Every Continent

RAM Technical Support - Global experience on every continent

RAM Spreaders maintenance team reflects on working through the pandemic and supporting our customers to keep their operations moving.