RAM 2750 MHC Spreader

For robust and reliable MHC operations 

The RAM 2750 model is a twin lift mobile harbour crane spreader with a high lifting capacity, a low tare weight and powered hydraulically. The spreader is built to adapt and thrive in the most demanding container handling environments.


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The 2700 model is fitted with a centre of gravity post, which allows the spreader to adjust (0-1200/2100mm) when the container is loaded unevenly.

Built to Last

With the double box centre section, internally stiffened telescoping beams and steel wear plates on the end beams, the 2700 model is built for a reliable operation in a demanding port environment.

Maximize Performance

The 2700 model powers the crane operator to lift two 20ft containers and with the centre spread function, the crane operator can spread the gap between the two containers.
2700 MHC twin lift spreader at the quayside - RAM Spreaders

Designed With Details In Mind

  • Thicker profile telescopic arms
  • Power pack protection plates
  • Recessed gather guides for cell clearance
  • Wireless diagnostic system
  • Bigger side bash plates
  • ShockAbsorb impact suppression system

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