Pipe Spreader

Automated Pipe Handling

Telescopic pipe spreader - RAM Spreaders

A Safer Operation

The spreader’s telescopic beams coupled with the LED indicators and mechanical sensing ensure the pipes are secure before lifting. In addition, the spreader operates autonomously removing any danger from stevedores.

Pipe Protection

Purpose-built padding rings located on the end manipulators and additional padding on each of the spreader’s pipe contact points help prevent pipe damage during the handling process.

Range of Pipe Sizes

Its four telescopic beams with end manipulators move along a longitudinal axis allowing pipes between 1150-1300cm in length to be handled. Lateral adjustments and removal of the central beams allow the crane operator to handle 14-60 inch diameter pipes. 



Diameter Adjustment

Longitudinal Adjustment

Pipe spreader x 4 - RAM Spreaders

SWL: 4x15t (60t)

Pipe Diameters: 14-18inches

Pipe spreader - RAM Spreaders

SWL: 3x15t (45t)

Pipe Diameters: 19-35inches

Pipe spreader x 2 - RAM Spreaders

SWL: 2x15t (30t)

Pipe Diameters: 30-60inches

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