Customer News
APM Terminals Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico

RAM delivered to APM Terminals (TEC2) in Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico, a total of 45 spreaders consisting of 9 RAM 2940 Ship to Shore twinlift spreader’s, 25 ARMG plus 2 RMG RAM 3540 All Electric spreader’s, 7 RAM Twin40 SingFlex Headblock’s and 2 RAM Overheight’s.

Being a specialised semi-automated deep water container terminal, APM Terminals TEC 2 is the first of its kind in Latin America.

Another first for the Latin American region is the terminal’s use of the RAM SingFlex Single Hoist Twin40 Headblock for their STS cranes.  Being the first of its kind in Latin America, SingFlex provides outstanding performance, control and future proof capabilities to handle containers in twin 40ft mode, avoiding the need for expensive and complex dual hoist cranes.