Port of Qingdao automated terminal uses RAM SingFlex to help achieve 5.2 million TEU capacity

RITN Port of Qingdao

Port of Qingdao Automated Container Terminal is able to achieve 5.2 million TEU capacity thanks to the RAM SingFlex twin spreader headblock connection on single hoist cranes.

XINHAUNET news reported in May on the Port of Qingdao putting into operation their fully automated container terminal which has the ability to serve 24,000 container ships every year thanks to the RAM SingFlex tandem headblock connection; which enables the port to increased lifting rates with single hoist cranes.

We reported back in our April 2017 Newsletter on the Port of Qingdao ordering 7 units of our RAM SingFlex single hoist tandem 40 headblocks for their fully automated terminal.

The order followed the terminal’s long study into the RAM SingFlex tandem headblock connection for single hoist cranes with alternatives.  The study recommended the RAM SingFlex to be the solution for the two new automated terminals because of the flexibility, low capital cost and proven stable design.  It also has the flexibility to couple with all spreaders, ensuring no obsolete equipment.

The XINHAUNET news article on Port of Qingdao can be viewed here.

RAM SingFlex is quickly becoming the tandem headblock of choice with units sold in China, Southeast Asia, North Africa, South America and UK.

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RAM SingFlex Case Study
Read the terminals long study into the RAM SingFlex and alternatives here.

RAM SingFlex can be seen in action here.

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World’s largest port has reviewed & evaluated different options for high productivity tandem cranes in a recent technical article


A recent independent report published by Ports & Waterway Engineering provides a valuable tool for ports evaluating different crane options.


Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) a terminal operator at the world’s largest port of Shanghai which handles over 35 million TEU’s has undertaken a scientific evaluation of several tandem lifting systems.

They have found that dual hoist cranes breakdown significantly more, they cost more to maintain and use more energy per box and with a price tag greater than 1 million USD.  From this they have evaluated several single hoist tandem systems available on the maket.

“This article is a great tool to assist port engineer evaluating the pros and cons of tandem 40 systems for their projects” Cameron Hay – RAM Spreaders


The findings in the independent report, can be viewed by clicking the relevant PDF icon below.

PDF Newsletter   Download English Version of Article here                              PDF Newsletter   Download Original Version of Article here

RAM Spreaders has more than 40 Single Hoist Tandem Systems in operation in London, Dubai, China and several other locations soon to be delivered.

You can see a video showing the versitility of RAM SingFlex on our Vimeo Channel: https://vimeo.com/161011460

Official article link

Container Management reports on the latest innovations

CM Spreader Article

Emmanuel Mair of Container Management looks at the latest innovations that spreader manufacturers are bringing to market and reports on the RAM SingFlex Twin Spreader Headblock Connection.

For terminal operators, the search for productivity gains can often seem never-ending.  Of course, for equipment manufacturers this presents both a challenge and an opportunity to entice customers with safe, reliable and high-performance equipment – including the spreader market.

RAM Spreaders is currently focusing on its RAM SingFlex tandem headblock for multiple container lifting, which is in use at several APM Terminals (APMT) and DP World facilities.  Many terminals are already familiar with the concept of lifting two 40ft containers simultaniously.  Single-hoist tandem capability allows terminals to work tandem operations for less than 3% of the capital cost of an extra ship-to-shore (STS) crane according to RAM.


Click here to read the full article by Container Management

Newsletter – Case Study (September 2016)

Trends in Multiple Lifting

SingFlex Case Study Pic
With vessels getting larger ports are innovating to be able to transfer the containers from these massive behemoths faster.  When the 18000 TEU CMA Benjamin Franklin, with 9 decks 9 rows high and 23 wide calls at a port, a faster approach is needed.  The answer; many ports are turning to the RAM SingFlex tandem headblock for multiple container lifting.

Carrying two 40 foot containers is not a new concept, it has been happening in Dubai for a decade and after years of experience terminals are fine tuning how to do this. Experienced tandem crane operators, like DP World and APM Terminals, have learned that all cranes on a vessel do not need to work at the hectic pace of 60 containers per hour, instead focus needs to be on the larger points of work which control the vessel sailing. Flexibility is the key to turn around these vessels. You only need to work 2 or 3 cranes at 60 moves per hour.

Click here to read the full article in our newsletter.

Click here to view RAM SingFlex in action.

World Port Development reports on the trends in using the RAM SingFlex Headblock

WPD SingFlex Article June 2016
Trends in using the RAM SingFlex Tandem 40 Headblock has been reported in the industry publication World Port Development.

In June 2016 World Port Development reported on the trends in multiple lifting.

The report looks into the new concept of lifting multiple containers using a single hoist crane, focusing on the successes of the RAM’s SingFlex Tandem 40 Headblock which is now in operation in China, South East Asia and North Africa and South America.

Also presented in the article is how SingFlex is flexible in operation, the energy saving benefits and explains the advantages over dual hoist systems.

Click on the image to read the full article

RAM delivers full range of spreaders to APM TEC 2 in Mexico

RAM Spreaders delivered to APM Terminals (TEC2) in Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico, a total of 49 Spreaders

IMG-20160317-WA0001Consisting of 9 RAM 2940 Ship to Shore Twin Lift Spreaders, 25 ARMG plus 2 RMG RAM 3540 All Electric Spreaders, 7 RAM Twin-40 SingFlex Headblocks and 2 RAM Over-heights.

APM Terminals won a 32 year concession in Lazaro Cardenas with an investment of approximately $ 900 million to design, finance, construct, operate and maintain the new specialized semi-automated deep water container terminal. The project is 3 phased, which in its first phase will have a capacity of 1.2 million TEU. The semi-automated facility will be a first of its kind in Latin America. Mexico´s government is determined to double port capacity within the next 6 years and APMT TEC2 will play a fundamental role in reaching this goal.

RAM Spreaders has a proven record of over 40 years of experience supplying robust, high performance and reliable crane spreaders to all major global port operators worldwide. (more…)

RAM SingFlex helps London Gateway break records with quad lift

The RAM SingFlex was in the news again this week as DPW London Gateway deployed the system to work a record breaking USAC ship DPW LGW Article Pic

In order to attract big ships to the port, shipping lines are requiring fast turn arounds and the SingFlex is helping by handling up to 60 boxes an hour.

The news article, published by World Cargo International on the 2nd January 2016 describes how the record breaking achievement was reached.


RAM Spreaders ‘SingFlex’ Integral part of London Gateway

RAM Spreaders’ SingFlex Twin40 Headblock becomes integral part of London Gateway Container Terminal and secures a repeat order.

Tandem lifts with the RAM Spreaders’ Twin40 headblock system (SingFlex) have been a significant factor in achieving world leading productivity and operating flexibility at London’s new, state of the art container terminal London Gateway operated by DP World.

RAM SingFlex head block has been installed on the terminal’s new single hoist ship to shore cranes increasing vessel productivity and ensuring that world class handling rates are achieved. The headblocks have been in operation since the terminal opened in November 2013.  Thurrock-20130828-00321v2

We are very happy with the product and its performance. We are the only terminal in the UK able to do tandem operation and with this product we will able to deliver world class productivity. We have worked well with the team at RAM. They have been very responsive in optimising this new product and making operations work efficiently
Andrew Bowen, Engineering Director, London Gateway

A new order for the second phase of the terminal has been placed with RAM for a further 4 SingFlex and 9 STS spreaders. The repeat order is a show of faith in a reliable product.

This repeat order is evidence that SingFlex works well. It will bring the number of units in use globally to 30 and making RAM the only OEM with large numbers of reliably operating single hoist tandem systems
Philip Lee, CEO RAM Spreaders

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