Newsletter (February 2017) Certification

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RSC Obtains EN1090 & EN ISO3838 Welding Certification

In replacement of the now obsolete DIN 18800 welding standard and to be in line with the parent company PEINER SMAG Lifting Technologies quality system, RAM SMAG Engineering (Changshu) Co, Ltd (RSC) has achieved new certifcations – EN 1090 and ISO 3834.

In compliance with the new requirements, a dedicated Welding Supervision Team made up of qualified welding inspectors, led by a certified welding engineer has been set up. The new certifications place emphasis on welding quality assurance, which involves the controlling of production process in addition to inspecting and testing the welded product.

Significantly, these new certifications ensure that the RAM product quality is of a high quality – meeting international recognition and complying with European regulation.

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Newsletter (February 2017) In Profile

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Harley Harley KramerKramer – RAM SMAG Engineering (Changshu) Co. Ltd

Newly appointed as RSC’s Quality Manager, Harley Kramer is the man in charge of enhancing and maintaining the quality of products built at the RAM Spreaders manufacturing facility in Changshu, China.

We talk to him in this issue of RAM SPREADERS to find out more about the man and his job.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Harley always had a fascination and passion for engineering since young. In his spare time, he enjoys mountain biking, custom and classic cars and music.

Having excelled at school, Harley followed his passion for engineering and joined Qantas Airways where he studied hard to achieve qualifications as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer during his service. Subsequently, Harley went on to do his postgraduate studies at Central Queensland University and graduated with a Maintenance Management diploma.

After studies, Harley worked at Hatch where he diversified his skills and took on the role of Maintenance and Reliability Specialist. He went on to manage Hatch’s Condition Monitoring and Inspection business in Australia. In 2014, Harley took on the job of Vendor Quality Surveillance Manager with Hatch and relocated with his family to China at the start of 2015.

Harley has now joined the China facility of RAM Spreaders, bringing with him a wealth of experience in the development and management of quality assurance and quality control. This is complemented by his experience in business improvement and change management. Prior to joining RAM, Harley spent 10 years consulting and assisting clients across a diverse range of industries with business improvement and management projects.

Now, Harley is putting these skills into practice at RAM with his introduction of a quality system. Through conducting a regular “walk-around” quality review workshop for middle managers and supervisors, high standards are maintained during the manufacturing and testing processes.Primarily, Harley’s responsibility is to manage the Quality Assurance/Quality Control team and foster a continuous improvement and defect elimination culture throughout the factory. For which, his frequent interaction with the production and design team has built a more collaborative approach to the manufacturing quality of products.

“My background in aviation has provided me with a solid understanding of the value of effective quality management and the methods and culture required to achieve quality excellence.

It is a great privilege to be able to bring my skills and experience to a great brand with amazing history such as RAM Spreaders. I am excited to be able to work with such a strong and dedicated team of people and to be able to contribute to enhancing the RAM Spreaders’ brand and reputation. This longevity and wealth of experience in the port industry has been further enhanced with RAM becoming the world’s leading lifting accessories supplier as a result of the PEINER SMAG merger.

By further enhancing and supporting a strong quality management system, we are empowered to stay at the forefront of innovation and design while keeping a strong customer focus.“Harley Kramer

Newsletter (September 2016)

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Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter.  This newsletter is of great significance to us as it allows RAM to share with you news and innovations amongst our customers and friends.

Since the launch of our first newsletter in April, we have kept busy, preparing for a very special event which represents a pivotal milestone in the history of RAM Spreaders – the official retirement of our founder Mr Robert A. Mills.  After over 40 years of dedicated hard work, will retire from RAM this year.

The event was held at the prestigious Hotel Atlantic Kempinski in Hamburg, where a famous chase scene for a James Bond film took place.  The evening got on to a start with Robert making his grand entrance into the room filled with family, friends and work colleagues who were gathered to pay homage to the RAM founder.  Guests toasted Robert and he, in turn, delivered a heartfelt speech to thank everyone for their help and support over the years.  In his address, he also touched on the merger with SMAG, his elation with all that has happened and his quiet confidence in the company’s ability to grow from strength to strength.

In commemoration of this occasion and to pay tribute to our founder, we have prepared a special instalment where we take a trip down memory lane to reminisce Robert’s early years, and how he transformed a humble family run business to a true spreader pioneer of our time.  We hope you will join us all at the RAM family in wishing Robert good health and a happy retirement.

Click here to view the special instalment looking back at Robert’s career.

Concurrently, at RAM, we saw our innovative products receiving some good media coverage over the past few months – from Port Elizabeth celebrating their first anniversary of implimenting the Containerised Bulk Handling process using the RAM Revolver to a Chilean TV news report on the ceremonial arrival of the CBH system at a Port in Chile.  These examples not only exemplified the success of our products implimentation, but also their effectiveness in helping our customers achieve their goals.  In addition, their was also a news feature on the trends in multiple lifting which outlined the concept of lifting multiple containers using a single hoist crane.  Specific mentions and references were made to the success of our RAM SingFlex Tandem40 Headblock that is now in operation on five continents.

Please click here to view the individual newsletter news items.

I hope you enjoy reading about our latest achievements in this edition of our newsletter.

Newsletter – Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (September 2016)

Congratulations to Mr Philip Lee, Chief Executive Officer of RAM SMAG Lifting Technologies on being awarded the Entrepreneur of Singapore in the category for Industrial & Commercial Products Industry by Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award (APEA) 2016.

APEA AWARDAPEA is one of the most prestigious awards in the region where only a select few are honoured each year in recognition of their oustanding and exemplary achievements in entrepreneurship.  The Award honours the relentless drive of these entrepreneurs, their courage to take risks and embark on dreams, and their commitment to stand tall as the trailblazer in their industry.

“This award is an acknowledgement for the team of hard-working and passionate people who contributed their knowledge and are dedicated to the success of the RAM business.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank my predecessors and everyone who enabled our dream to come true”, said Mr Lee.

Please click here to view the personal profile of Mr Lee in “Signature 2016” produced by Enterprise Asia.

Newsletter – Customer News (September 2016)

Customer News
DP World Caucedo, Dominican Republic

DM FLAGRAM delivered and commissioned a repeat order of 3 units of RAM 3540 all-electric spreaders to DP World Caucedo for their existing RTG cranes, bringing it to a total of 17 units now in operation.  This is part of their handling equipment renovation on RTG cranes already fitted with RAM Spreaders.

DP World Caucedo, a world class gateway terminal and at the heart of global commercial lanes requires outstanding performance and high reliability on their RTG Spreaders to support and sustain high throughputs.

Newsletter – Customer News (September 2016)

Customer News
Port of Tauranga, New Zealand

NZ FLAGOne of RAM’s longest standing customers, the Port of Tauranga in New Zealand has ordered three new spreaders.

Tauranga is one of the busiest ports in New Zealand and has been a customer of RAM for more than 20 years. In this order they have purchased the heavy duty RAM 2940 STS spreader with shock absorb system.  The Port is very innovative with experienced technical staff and they have chosen to include their first spreader with an auto greasing system which should give the port a greater MMBF.”

Newsletter – How To Video (September 2016)

How to set the electrical spreader twistlock position sensors

HOW TO TL SENSORSIn the last newsletter, the first “How To” video demonstrated how actuator seals can be replaced on a hydraulic flipper actuator.  In this second instalment, a video that shows a step-by-step process of how to set the twistlock sensor positions on the RAM All-Electric spreader has been put up on our YouTube channel.

The “How To” videos produced by us are designed to help customers with servicing and maintaining their purchased spreaders from RAM.

Please click here to see this latest video release.

Newsletter – Case Study (September 2016)

Trends in Multiple Lifting

SingFlex Case Study Pic
With vessels getting larger ports are innovating to be able to transfer the containers from these massive behemoths faster.  When the 18000 TEU CMA Benjamin Franklin, with 9 decks 9 rows high and 23 wide calls at a port, a faster approach is needed.  The answer; many ports are turning to the RAM SingFlex tandem headblock for multiple container lifting.

Carrying two 40 foot containers is not a new concept, it has been happening in Dubai for a decade and after years of experience terminals are fine tuning how to do this. Experienced tandem crane operators, like DP World and APM Terminals, have learned that all cranes on a vessel do not need to work at the hectic pace of 60 containers per hour, instead focus needs to be on the larger points of work which control the vessel sailing. Flexibility is the key to turn around these vessels. You only need to work 2 or 3 cranes at 60 moves per hour.

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Click here to view RAM SingFlex in action.