TOC hosts talk on trends in tandem lifting

TOC host talk on trends in tandem lifting

TOC Europe 2018 in Rotterdam played host to a talk by Cameron Hay on the trends in tandem lifting that show an increase in ports and terminals using single hoist tandem.

The talk began by making reference to published technical article by SIPG revealing some design and complexity issues with dual hoist operations and that dual hoist operations consume a high amount of energy, which as a result are not generally in high use.  Also discussed was the fact that new terminals are not selecting dual hoist cranes, but instead opting for more economical single hoist dual spreader cranes.

The results of an independent review showed the RAM SingFlex single hoist system was a superior headblock.

Cameron commented

The industry is clearly moving toward higher TEU ratios and tandem 40 will be the norm.  Terminals using SingFlex are achieving greater than 40% of all moves in tandem with its flexible design.”

Click here to see the full Power Point Presentation delivered by RAM at TOC Europe 2018


Newsletter (February 2018)

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Dear Friends, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you back to RAM Spreaders News.

Things have been hectic since the last edition.  We deepened our relationship with key accounts, expanded out geographical footprint, scored an award and are in the process of working on new product launches.

Delivering Value to Customers
It is always heartening to hear how our systems solve business challenges and increase productivity for our customers. Hence, you can imagine our excitement when we hear about the excellent feedback Transnet Port Terminals received from their customers following their introduction of the Containerised Bulk Handling system, using our RAM Revolver rotating spreader and broke loading rate records for the port.

Another customer in Latvia, Riga Universal Terminals, also saw an improvement in their biomass productivity with the implementation of the RAM Revolver Containerised Bulk Handling System. Being the very first RAM Revolver operating in Europe, this achievement is especially significant. See article on page 8 of our PDF newsletter.

Bolstering Our Market Presence
As a result of China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative, Russia and the CIS markets are seeing unprecedented growth. In order to leverage the opportunities presented by the growing CIS region, in particular Black and Caspian Sea, we have added a new member – Evgenii Kudriavtcev – to our team. Based in Russia, Evgenii is tasked to grow our presence in the CIS region with the full range of RAM-SMAG range of spreaders and bulk handling equipment.

Winning a Business Accolade
Just months after we bagged the International Bulk Journal Innovative Technology Award, we received another prestigious award at the recent SME100 Awards. RAM was awarded the SME100 Award for Fast Moving Companies in Singapore. This is a proud achievement that belonged to everyone. It would have been impossible without the support of our staff, partners and customers.

New Developments
As a forward looking company, we continue to keep a close watch on market trends in the container handling and bulk handling industry, exploring relevant opportunities. I am glad to share that our research and development efforts have been fruitful, and in the coming months, we will be launching new products, which will provide customers with an even bigger choice of machines to suit their needs. In particular, you can look forward to next generation PinSmart™ Automated Twistlock Handling.

This is an exciting time for us as a company. We are achieving many great breakthroughs. But we are mindful that these are only possible with continued help and support from you – our customers and friends. Thank you and we look forward to another great year with you in 2018.

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Riga Universal Terminal increases performance with CBH

RAM in the news Riga increases performance with cbh

Dry Cargo International reports in February 2018 on Riga Universal Terminal’s increase in performance using the Containerised Bulk Handling solution with the RAM Revolver®

Back in November 2017 we revealed DCi’s article on Riga Universal Terminals Ltd (RUT)  becoming the first port in Europe to introduce the Containerised Bulk Handling system for the movement of wood pellets on large dry bulk ships.

Since then, a new report by DCi in February 2018 shows that RUT have optimized the terminals expenses and increased their performance since the bulk handling technology was introduced.

Antis Šulte, RUT Trade and Business Development Director said to Dry Cargo International “By introducing the containerised cargo handling we have become more competative and can better adjust to customer requirements“. Following the general tendancy in cargo carriage, dry bulk ships handled at our terminal are becoming even larger.  By Means of a new technology, we are able to ensure fast and effective loading of these large ships”.

By applying the new technology Antis Šulte further added “We are able to load dry bulk and containers at the same pier, using one portal-frame lift.  It allows it to quickly organize its work at the terminalk and quickly handle any type of ship”.

Click here to view the full article from DCi.


Port of Qingdao automated terminal uses RAM SingFlex to help achieve 5.2 million TEU capacity

RITN Port of Qingdao

Port of Qingdao Automated Container Terminal is able to achieve 5.2 million TEU capacity thanks to the RAM SingFlex twin spreader headblock connection on single hoist cranes.

XINHAUNET news reported in May on the Port of Qingdao putting into operation their fully automated container terminal which has the ability to serve 24,000 container ships every year thanks to the RAM SingFlex tandem headblock connection; which enables the port to increased lifting rates with single hoist cranes.

We reported back in our April 2017 Newsletter on the Port of Qingdao ordering 7 units of our RAM SingFlex single hoist tandem 40 headblocks for their fully automated terminal.

The order followed the terminal’s long study into the RAM SingFlex tandem headblock connection for single hoist cranes with alternatives.  The study recommended the RAM SingFlex to be the solution for the two new automated terminals because of the flexibility, low capital cost and proven stable design.  It also has the flexibility to couple with all spreaders, ensuring no obsolete equipment.

The XINHAUNET news article on Port of Qingdao can be viewed here.

RAM SingFlex is quickly becoming the tandem headblock of choice with units sold in China, Southeast Asia, North Africa, South America and UK.

Learn More:
More information can be found also on our RAM SingFlex News Page.

RAM SingFlex Case Study
Read the terminals long study into the RAM SingFlex and alternatives here.

RAM SingFlex can be seen in action here.

Get in Touch
If you would like to learn more about the RAM SingFlex, please contact our local sales agent for further details.

PortalPortuario reports on Puerto Angamos transferring a record 2 million tons of bulk with CBH

RAM in the news PortalPortuario

PortalPortuario reports on Puerto Angamos in Chile transferring a record 2 million tons of bulk since using the Containerised Bulk Handling System with the RAM Revolver®

Back in May 2017 we reported on Puerto Angamos producing a video showing their containerised bulk handling operation using 3 mobile harbour cranes, each with a RAM Revolver® rotating spreader.  Puerto Angamos is making more news again in January 2018 with PortalPortuario reporting on the port achieving an operating record of 2 million tons of bulk which includes copper concentrate since using the Containerised Bulk Handling process.

This is another milestone achievement for the port as during October of 2017, Puerto Angamos achieved an operational record, transferring 126,000 tons of copper concentrate in one month.

Click the following links below to read the full article from PortalPortuario in translated English language and the original news article in Spanish.



World Port Development Reports on Riga Universal Terminals increased biomass productivity

RAM in the WPD Riga Article
World Port Development reported in their December 2017 edition on Riga Universal Terminals increase in biomass productivity since the introduction of the Containerised Bulk Handling system which uses the rotating spreader RAM Revolver®

The article reports on Riga Universal Terminals ability to quadruple their biomass productivity which has been fueled by the recent demands for renewable energy sources.

The CBH system which involves the use of open top container and rotating spreader which utilises existing port equipment to export biomass, or any other bulk commodity for that matter.  In Riga Universal Terminals’ case, they used their existing Liebherr MHC cranes and projected a 30 cycles per hour being possible with skilled operators.

The article by Word Port Developement goes on to reveal that RUT did a comparison with the work of a small handler with that of the RAM Revolver® and showed that the RAM Revolver out-performed the small handler by 4-1 as the small handler managed 200tph whilst the RAM Revolver® achieved 800tph.

You can read the full article by World Port Developement by clicking here.

If you require any further information on the Containerised Bulk Handling System, please see our list of case studies, videos and product brochure on our Media page.  You can also look through some of current and archive news items regarding the Containerised Bulk Handling System which you can find on our News page.

Bolivia President delivers speech on Port of Quijarro exporting urea using Containerised Bulk Handling

RAM Spreaders News Bolivia President delivers speech
Bolivia President delivers a hearfelt speech at the start of Port of Quijarro exporting urea to Brazil.

In a heartfelt speech, Bolivia President Evo Morales spoke at the Port of Quijarro’s historic launch of exporting urea and fertilizer to Brazil.  Bolivia have for some twenty years exported natural gas into Brazil, but now with the emergence of Containerised Bulk Handling, Bolivia is now able to export processed gas in the form of fertilizers and urea to Brazil.

This not only allows Bolivia to export processed gas in the form of fertilizer to Brazil but also avoid the need for small to large producers to import ferilizer from other countries.

The way in which the port is able to export fertilizer is following the introduction of the Containerised Bulk Handling system which uses the RAM Revolver®.  The innovative and environmentally friendly bulk handling solution uses sealed containers as a means of transport, storage and discharge.  The RAM Revolver® attached to a reach stacker at the port of Quijarro is used to pick up the container, it then automatically removes the lid of the container before the commodity is rotated, gently tipping out the urea into hoppers at the export facility.

Speaking at the Port, President Morales said “This is a historic day for us, we’re selling processed gas in the form of fertilizer or urea“.

The President went on to say “It is wonderful that we have started exporting LPG and fertilizers“.

Click the main image above to see the President of Bolivia speech.

For more information on the RAM Revolver® Containerised Bulk Handling, contact your local Sales Agent by clicking here.

Riga Universal Terminal moves towards CBH solution

RAM in the news Riga Bulking up in Baltics

Dry Cargo International reports in November 2017 on Riga Universal Terminal’s move towards the Containerised Bulk Handling solution with the RAM Revolver®

Riga Universal Terminals Ltd (RUT)  become the first port in Europe to introduce the Containerised Bulk Handling system for the movement of wood pellets on large dry bulk ships.

Wood pellets are moved from the warehouse to the quayside in 2oft open-top containers.  The containers are then lifted with the RAM Revolver where the entire contents of the container is emptied into the ships hold by turning the container over with the RAM Revolver.

Antis Šulte, RUT Trade and Business Development Director said to Dry Cargo International “The main benefit from introducing the new technology is a significant optimization of terminal expenses and an increase in performance.  Now we can perform dry bulk handling operations involving a significantly smaller number of machjines and human resources“.

Savings on resources amount to amost 50% he added.

Click here to view the full article from DCi.